Energy costs have risen significantly in recent months. Now the winter season is approaching and millions of citizens have to heat their apartments and houses. In order to save money, many people toy with the idea of ​​switching off the heating completely from time to time.

However, this measure can even lead to the additional cost bill being even higher. If you actually turn off the heating completely for a few days or hours, the rooms can cool down quickly. If you then turn the heating on again, the energy consumption is even higher. Especially if this happens in short intervals.

What you should definitely avoid

Reheating cold rooms can be expensive, especially in poorly insulated apartments. Therefore, it is better to leave the heating on at a medium temperature. This means the heat can be distributed evenly and less energy is required. It is often enough to leave the heating permanently on level three.

It is also important to ensure that the radiators are not blocked by furniture and thus heat is lost. If you want to ventilate in winter, you should only ventilate for 10 minutes. If you live in an old building, you can also take advantage of the night time setback. Here the temperature is only reduced by around three degrees at night. This saves around 10 percent on heating costs.

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