LJ’s Romantic Game Corner – A Way Out, LEGO games and Resogun.

Is there anything better than just sitting around playing games on your own with no one around you? Of course, that is romantic gaming together. Aaaw! In LJ’s Romantic Game Corner she gives you tips, and more importantly: warnings, for great gaming moments with that special person in your life.

A Way Out

One of the most recently released co-recordings is A Way Out. It’s a game you can’t even play alone if you want to. So you do need your boyfriend / girlfriend for this. Or someone else you’re a little less romantic with, but that’s not what this section is for. The action adventure game A Way Out is a great game for a rainy Sunday afternoon like last week. You will be through it in 4 to 6 hours and then you will have a great adventure together. It’s a bit like watching a movie, but a little longer and you play ‘yourself’ in it, although there is not much you can do wrong in itself.

LJ’s Romantic Game Corner – A Way Out, LEGO games and Resogun

The ideal high five moment followed by kisses and potentially other romance: That’s when the two men are still busy escaping from prison. They have to climb a lot of meters upwards by walking back to back, working together well to reach the top. If you succeed, then you can really do anything together.

When does your sweetheart start throwing your console out the window? That can happen at the outset, when you have to decide who is who. If you exclaim just a little too enthusiastically that your Poekie is the best Leo Caruso, because Poekie also has such a short fuse, then that will probably be put into practice immediately.

LJ’s Romantic Game Corner – A Way Out, LEGO games and Resogun

LEGO games

LEGO games are a little bit childish, but LEGO is so fantastic and the games always manage to tell famous movie stories in a very funny way. My favorites are the LEGO Harry Potter games because they are atmospheric and extremely cute, but LEGO Avengers and LEGO Star Wars are also popular choices when it comes to co-op. The advantage of LEGO is that it also attracts non-gamers and because it is often combined with well-known franchises, it is very easy to persuade your sweetheart to take a game of this action-adventure gameplay for collectors (studs! People in peril). ! golden cubes!).

The perfect time to enthusiastically proclaim I LOVE YOU: Is certainly one of the many times when you are not working together in the same screen. What’s cool about LEGO games is the dynamic split screen where you are not stuck together in the same screen. In LEGO Lord of the Rings, a half-tripping Frodo who is under the influence of the ring even has to assist you a long way alone, while the other tries to conquer the rest of the level with Sam and co. Great when you eventually get back together and enjoy the next fun cut scene.

LJ’s Romantic Game Corner – A Way Out, LEGO games and Resogun

Make sure your loved one does not suddenly put Tinder back on the phone when: You get a breakdown because 1. the game sometimes requires platforming skills but there is almost no depth to be seen so you keep jumping next to it, followed by a curse cannonade. Or because 2. as a second player you do not receive trophies / achievements in all LEGO games and that can lead to heated discussions about who can be player1.


If you think your relationship is strong enough, then you should definitely try Resogun. This is, especially compared to the games above, a tough game for several reasons, such as the fact that you are constantly under fire from all conceivable angles. Where the games above are of those yummy overhang titles, this is a game to play on the edge of your seat with your tongue out. It is not charming, but the rewarding feeling after having reached another level together is very nice. This space shoot ’em up features a hugely rousing soundtrack and throws a lot of chaos on you, allowing you to be intensely involved with the game first, and then become completely absorbed. Aaah.

LJ’s Romantic Game Corner – A Way Out, LEGO games and Resogun

Good timing to give a caring hug: The moment you disappear into a wormhole for the fifteenth time and your love manages to keep things going without your presence. What a hero!

Note, your loved one may start yelling at you when: The game begins. Till the end. Resogun is extremely stressful, which makes the mood run high.

These were the first games from LJ’s romantic gaming corner. Share that gaming love!

LJ’s Romantic Game Corner – A Way Out, LEGO games and Resogun

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In this serial you can expect two other parts, namely on June 22 and July 20.

LJ’s Romantic Game Corner – A Way Out, LEGO games and Resogun