Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season.

Yesterday we attended a Logitech event called “Logitech Touch Connect!” in which those responsible for the firm showed us in first person all the Logitech news for this coming season. Among the most outstanding items we find, for example, the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310, which we talked about a few days ago, or the star product, the TV Cam HD camcorder that has HDMI connectivity, Wi-Fi and has integrated Skype to be able to make video conferences on television. without the need for any additional device or software.

After 30 years as one of the world’s leading peripheral manufacturers, it’s clear that Logitech doesn’t want to be left behind when it comes to new technology. And it is that in recent times, the use of tablets and smartphones is the order of the day, and Logitech has focused its novelties on these two types of products for this new season that begins now. Thanks to individual agreements and collaborations with Microsoft and Apple, Logitech has designed a series of peripherals specially designed for the new Windows 8 and iOS. Below we show you.

Products for Windows 8.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

We start with the products designed specifically for Windows 8, among which stands out above all the Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650.

This rechargeable wireless touchpad features a large, ultra-smooth glass touch surface that speeds navigation between browser windows by giving your fingers more room to move freely. You can point, click or scroll while taking full advantage of the features that Windows 8 offers: Zoom with your fingers, return to the start screen, etc. In addition, it includes a sensor to ensure precise tracking that makes navigation fast and smooth. It is recharged via USB, has a life of up to one month and an on/off button that indicates with a light when the battery is low.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

The next big thing in this series of products designed for Windows 8 is the Logitech Touch Mouse T620.

This mouse is very reminiscent of Apple’s Magic Mouse, although Logitech has designed it in two colors: black and white. For those looking for a mouse with an ultra-sleek design, the Logitech Touch Mouse T620 provides a full-touch surface for fluid navigation. Just like on touch screens, you can click anywhere on the mouse surface, even on the edges, so all movements are easy and intuitive. In addition, its design is designed so that your hand rests comfortably on the mouse and its laser optical sensor guarantees tracking precision on practically all surfaces. Its battery has a life of six months.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

Lastly, we were shown the Zone Touch Mouse T400.

This model goes beyond the functionalities of a traditional mouse, since it allows easy and quick access to the most popular elements of this operating system. It has a touch-sensitive glass surface and allows you to click on the front of the touch zone to directly access the Windows 8 start screen and your favorite applications. On the other hand, a rubber coating makes navigation more comfortable and the coupling of the standard functions of a traditional mouse – such as vertical and horizontal scrolling – makes it easy for you to navigate for hours. The T400 has an 18-month battery and also has an On/Off switch and alert light.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

Products «Digital Home»

Logitech has thought of everything, and studies show that a person spends an average of 40% of their leisure time in front of the television. For this reason, it has seen fit to combine all its experience in camcorders in a new model that is capable of video conferencing via Skype in high definition (720p) from the television. This is the TV Cam HD.

Logitech’s new Webcam gives its users the ability to make video calls with Skype in real time and from any HDTV with HDMI. Its installation is simple, with integrated Skype and Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity that means that a computer is not necessary to make it work. Start your Skype session from the television and make calls to any user who uses the program from any platform: computer, tablets, Smartphones… You can also call landlines or mobile phones using the credit you have in your account. In addition to its simple setup, the Logitech TV Cam HD features a wide-angle angle that lets the whole family get caught during your video conference, as well as Logitech Fluid Crystal technology and four microphones that reduce noise and enhance sound so enjoy your video calls more.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

At the event they gave us a real demonstration of the capabilities of this camera and the truth is that we were all quite impressed with its ease of use and its image quality.

On the other hand, they showed us a real test of the Washable Keyboard K310 that we already told you about a few days ago.

It is a novel keyboard for PC that can be washed by hand and even submerged in water to easily clean everything from a fine layer of dust to a splash of coffee. Ideal for those who spend hours in front of the computer, it is also designed to experience comfortable typing with a familiar design, a sleek and slim profile and a shockproof construction. The keys are laser-engraved and have a UV coating to ensure they don’t rub off during washing. Also, as we mentioned, they did a real washing test.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

Tablet Accessories.

The tablet has become a perfect tool for staying in touch with loved ones, as well as for leisure and even work. And it is in this last area where Logitech has focused its efforts to make it easier to write and protect the tablet when working with it.

We start by looking at the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

Logitech keyboard case designed for iPad 3 and iPad 2 that provides your tablet with ultra-thin aluminum protection for the screen and a built-in keyboard that connects via bluetooth so you can type comfortably and take it wherever you want. In its case function, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover securely holds your iPad with a magnetic clip and has an automatic sleep/wake function, which wakes your iPad when you open the case and puts it to sleep when the case is closed. close. It also has function keys for direct navigation and a battery of up to 6 months for total autonomy.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

Solar Keyboard Folio.

New accessory for iPad 3 and iPad 2 consisting of an ultra-thin and elegant case and a built-in keyboard that works with sunlight. The Solar Keyboard Folio has solar sheets that allow the keyboard to be recharged with any type of light and that it lasts up to a maximum of two years in total darkness.

This accessory allows you to place your iPad in two positions, depending on how you are going to use your Tablet. The first position leaves the keyboard free for you to get the most out of it. With the second position you can comfortably use the first row of keys, with which to control the volume and playback of videos. It also has an automatic on/off sensor.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season

Other featured products

Logitech has also thought about Mac users, and for this reason it has created the Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 keyboard.

This keyboard marks a further step in Logitech’s line of solar producers, which began with the K750 keyboard. This model has bluetooth connectivity and an easy connection to pair up to three devices, so you can use it simultaneously with your Macbook, iPad and iPhone. Logitech’s K760 keyboard is sleek and compact with solar cells for easy recharging in any light, indoors or out. In addition, its concave design makes typing more comfortable and quiet, and its PVC-free construction further reduces environmental impact.

Touch Mouse M600.

Logitech is a world leader in the manufacture of mice thanks, in part, to the innovation applied to each of its products. The M600 model includes a touch surface that allows you to navigate intuitively with your own fingers thanks to Logitech’s Flow Scroll software. Make immediate and fluid movements over Web pages with this mouse with a soft base, advanced optical tracking and supremely easy use. It is the best option, both for right-handed and left-handed users, since the user himself can define the areas where to click thanks to the Set Point software. It also works with the Unifying receiver that allows you to connect up to six devices. Winner of the CES International Awards for Innovation and Design and Engineering 2012, in the category of Computer Peripherals.

Global Graffiti Collection

Logitech has redesigned its computer accessories with new colors and patterns inspired by a more global community, mixing different international trends to come up with more elegant and colorful designs.

Each design is significantly different, but they all follow the same creative line that allows you to combine them to create a unique set of accessories that brings your desk to life.

Logitech Touch Connect!: We tell you all the news from Logitech for this season