Lost Soul Aside rises from the ashes and gains 18 minutes of gameplay

Lost Soul Aside rises from the ashes and gains 18 minutes of gameplay

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Developer Ultizero Games has released a new video for Lost Soul Aside, showing approximately 18 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay and full of news for fans.

The new action-RPG footage features boss fights that promise to be great, adapting elements that are extremely familiar to audiences who enjoy Devil May Cry and other third-person hack ‘n’ slash. For those who don’t remember, this title was largely in Final Fantasy XV and was developed by one person.

The game promises a dynamic gameplay system that allows the execution of several different combos, while several things happen on screen and very well-made animations continue the gameplay, with the implementation of several sequence plans.

The video also shows the incredible universe where the game will be set and a little more about the abilities of the protagonist Kazer, who teams up with a crystal dragon – the hero’s sword – to search for mysterious crystals amidst a surprise appearance of countless monsters in Planet. As you can see in the video below, your riding mechanics will be very similar to V in Devil May Cry 5, being possible to glide across platforms with a supernatural board.

Lost Soul Aside, slated to hit PS4, PS5 and PC, has no confirmed release date.

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