Luna, or Amazon, also wants its “Netflix for gamers.””.

A subscription headache waiting for us?

  • Amazon has announced a game streaming service called Luna,
  • over 100 titles under subscription to various channels,
  • the service is currently in early access phase, only in the US.
  • People interested in the idea of ​​Netflix for players will soon face another opportunity to verify whether it is feasible nowadays. Amazon announced yesterday a streaming service called Luna, which will allow us to play the titles available on the game channel selected by the user. The service of the American giant will not have a sales model like Microsoft (over 150 games as part of Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee) or Google (under Stadia you have to pay both a subscription and purchase games). The Amazon website will offer channels with specific game sets, requiring separate subscription payments.

    We will take metro to metro again

    Luna, or Amazon, also wants its “Netflix for gamers.””

    So far, two options have been announced:

  • Plus, with a wide selection of productions from various publishers, promoted using Control, Metro: Exodus or Resident Evil 7,
  • Ubisoft, thanks to which it is possible to stream titles from a French corporation.
  • The first was priced at $ 6 minus a cent a month. The cost of the second is unknownas her debut will take place at a later date. Please note that the price will change when the service leaves the early access stage. Due to the above, it is difficult not to be concerned about the fragmentation of the service.

    Luna, or Amazon, also wants its “Netflix for gamers.””

    Initially, Luna will allow you to stream titles in FullHD resolution at 60 FPS to PCs with Windows and MacOS, FireTV devices as well as smartphones and tablets with iOS. Android support will be available at a later date. As for the hardware requirements, the absolute minimum for comfortable gameplay is a link offering 10 Mbps (35 Mbps for 4K resolution, which will be available for selection in some productions in the future).

    “Alexa, how much do you know about me?”

    Luna, or Amazon, also wants its “Netflix for gamers.””

    You can use it for fun official controller using Cloud Direct technology. It is based on the fact that the pad connects directly to the cloud and not through the device to which the game is being streamed. Amazon boasts that this solution reduces latency from 17 to 30 milliseconds. An additional functionality is the presence of the AI ​​Alexa virtual assistant, thanks to which it is enough to give a command, eg “Play Control”, to enjoy Remedy production in a short time. The purchase cost is $ 49.99At the same time, the controller can be purchased by people who were invited to the early access phase. The unconvinced will look forward to information that Luna also supports wireless pads from Xbox, PlayStation and a mouse + keyboard set.

    The release date of the full version of the service is unknown. Since yesterday, the site is running in Early Access with an invitation to join required, however, the offer is for US residents (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and overseas).

    Luna, or Amazon, also wants its “Netflix for gamers.””
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