MacX Video Converter Pro, convert and download 4K videos.

Still haven’t found an app that makes the 4K UHD editing process easier? Do you want to convert videos on your Mac easily and quickly? Look no further. Introducing MacX Video Converter Pro. This is the tool you need to process 4K UHD videos, plus it offers other video editing, converting, resizing features, and more. For the only occasion there will be special promotions for Black Friday.

Buy MacX Video Converter Pro at the best price of the year and get free MacX MediaTrans, a tool that will help you transfer all the content from your iOS device to your Mac or PC. Let’s find out what these apps can do for you and help you in 4K UHD video editing and conversion. You can try MacX Video Converter Pro completely free from here.

MacX Video Converter Pro, convert and download 4K videos

MacX Video Converter Pro, a powerful tool that is at the best price for one week

During the week of Black Friday you can take advantage of a very special promotion. Buy MacX Video Converter Pro from $59.95 to just $25.95, a 57% discount. Get free MacX MediaTrans (valued at $59.95), a tool to transfer content from your iOS device to your computer.

We know how complicated it is to work with videos on a day-to-day basis, nowadays it is essential to have a tool that offers a variety of functions and a pleasant user interface. MacX Video Converter Pro offers you the conversion of 4K and HD videos to a wide variety of formats. Among the available formats are: MP4, MOV, HEVC/H.264 (especially for Mac), AVI, FLV, MKV, MP3 and more than 370 other formats and codecs.

MacX Video Converter Pro, convert and download 4K videos

If you need to download videos you can also make them and convert them to MP4 or MP3 (if you only need the audio). This app offers a compression process for videos with large sizes, which reduces up to 90% without losing visual quality.

It is also possible to edit, cut, make video adjustments, among other things, for videos that need quality improvement. If you need to add photos you can make edits to add them to your videos and add background music. When your project is ready with all the adjustments made, you will be able to process them with the best speed.

MacX Video Converter Pro, convert and download 4K videos

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface converts and downloads videos from different platforms up to 4K UHD quality

One of the most useful and attractive features that MacX Video Converter Pro has is its video converter that can process any format and adapt it to the size we need. Imagine that you have a video with a duration of approximately 10 minutes. This process is very complicated in terms of time that can take up to an hour or more. With MacX Video Converter Pro you will have it in a matter of minutes.

The conversion so fast is thanks to its acceleration by hardware of level 3. It uses the graphic card of the Mac to process the images of the video in a faster and more practical way. This results in an improvement that is difficult to achieve in other software.

MacX Video Converter Pro, convert and download 4K videos

And if you need video resources from YouTube or other sites, you can download all the content you want from 4K UHD quality or lower at full speed without losing quality.

Do you want to record the screen of your Mac? MacX Video Converter Pro does it for you

An added function that you can also use at the highest level is screen recording. MacX Video Converter Pro is so versatile that, after recording your screen, you will be able to make the adjustments you need without resorting to another tool.

The reality is that the Mac has QuickTime to record the screen, but the extra settings that we may need are not natively available. If you need to make some adjustments such as cuts, add subtitles or the frame rate that the final video will have, it is possible and in a few clicks.

MacX Video Converter Pro, convert and download 4K videos

Do you want to try all the power of this tool? Download the trial version of MacX Video Converter Pro in which you will see all the features in detail. This app is the best and you will have no doubts to buy it with the special promotion for the week of Black Friday at the best price.

Remember, take MacX MediaTrans as a gift

An ideal gift for you to continue improving your processes related to file management on your iOS device. If you run out of space on your iPhone or iPad, with MacX MediaTrans you can save the multimedia content you need on your computer.

Just install the app and connect your device to the computer. MacX MediaTrans will show you images, videos and all the content that you can store and rescue to free up space. The file management is practical and you will be able to consult and order all that content in a few clicks.

MacX Video Converter Pro, convert and download 4K videos

What do you think of these apps? We hope you can discover this great tool that we recommend for its versatility and speed to convert videos and download them from other sites.