The Carolina Panthers are crowned Super Bowl champions of 2016 and next Sunday they secure the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time in their club history with a 24-20 win over the Denver Broncos – at least that’s the result of the official Madden NFL 16 prediction . The Madden NFL Super Bowl Prediction is commented by Frank Buschmann and is available here.

Carolina dominated the 50th edition of the Super Bowl from the start and with a long kick return and a touchdown by Greg Olsen after a pass by star quarterback Cam Newton, she pulled away 10-0 early on. The Panthers ended the first quarter with a field goal, only to start furiously with a touchdown from Jonathan Stewart on the break.

Superstar Peyton Manning rearranged the Broncos’ offense and overturned Carolina’s defense in the third quarter with an exemplary touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders. Manning’s team reduced the gap to 17:13 with a field goal. In the fourth quarter, Denver continues its impressive comeback and Demaryius Thomas scores another touchdown after Manning assists, which puts Denver in the lead by three points for the first time. But then Cam Newton turns the momentum of the Broncos and scores the all-important touchdown in spectacular fashion. In a crazy and emotional game, the Carolina Panthers ultimately won Super Bowl 50 by a razor-thin 24-20.

Quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers secures the Super Bowl MVP award with 19 of 26 successful passes and an interception and thus makes NFL history. Jonathan Stewart also impressed with a touchdown and gained 47 yards, Greg Olsen received a total of 79 yards, including Newton’s only touchdown pass. On the other hand, on the Carolina defensive side, Josh Norman is the guarantee of success with six tackles and an interception.

On the opposing side, Peyton Manning closes the game with two touchdowns and an interception and completes 21 of 37 passes for a total of 241 yards for Denver. Demaryius Thomas is Manning’s preferred receiver with six successful catches for 98 yards and one touchdown. Emmanuel Sanders scored Denver’s only other touchdown, also caught five passes and rushed for 65 yards. Aqib Talib stands out with five tackles and one defensive interception for the Broncos.

The NFL Madden Super Bowl prediction is considered one of the most accurate in the world, correctly predicting nine of the last twelve championships. Last season, not only was the final score correctly predicted, but the Patriots were 10 points down in the third quarter, Julian Edelman scored the game-winning touchdown, and Tom Brady was named Finals MVP. Even individual statistics could be predicted almost to the point: Edelman finished the regular game with nine catches and 109 yards, eight catches and 106 yards were predicted.

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Source: EA Sports