The creators of Mafia III also had some interesting things in store for PAX West, in addition to the distribution of territories, they also showed what free and paid DLCs they are waiting for after the release.

Hangar 13 and 2K, the creators of Mafia III, already showed a lot of the long-awaited sequel at gamescom, but they also prepared a great presentation for PAX West in Seattle this weekend. In addition to the DLC plans, we also got a glimpse of a dynamically developing part of the game.

The above video is thanks to Dualshockers, who were so keen and recorded the live new gameplay scene from the exhibition’s official channel. In these sequences, we see Lincoln sit down with the three small chiefs to discuss who should receive a newly acquired territory. As the creators have emphasized since the announcement of Mafia III, these conversations can constantly change based on who benefited and how from the previous loot.

So this time, Vito is quite grumpy, since in the shown walkthrough he was previously given control over a total of one district. Of course, like a good mafia boss, we don’t just have to make decisions on an emotional basis, but the game also tells us specifically which of our accomplices gives what bonuses if he gets the given area. At the same time, we got to know the DLC plans related to Mafia III, which includes both free and paid additions.

Those who like to collect will find their calculations, because we will get even more character looks in the free DLCs, just as our collected cars will also get even more customization options. These will include not only cosmetic items, but also parts that improve the performance of our bikes, which is especially important because Mafia III is also being expanded with a series of street races that can also be downloaded for free. In addition to these, everyone will receive the three golden weapons that come in the Judge, Jury and Executioner package.

But there will also be paid DLCs that will expand Lincoln’s story with three separate stories. The Faster, Baby! In the package, the new boss of the underworld teams up with an old lover to train a corrupt sheriff who terrorizes civil rights activists in the suburbs of New Bordeaux. In the second DLC, at the request of Father James, we go after – and liquidate for sure – a sect who commit ritual murders. While wrapping up the case, in addition to the marshland, we will also immerse ourselves in the counterculture of the city center, which is not lacking in drug use either, this story was titled Sign of the Times.

And in the last addition to Mafia III, we will go through the mission thread called Stones Unturned, in which we have to deal with an old rival of Lincoln on the side of agent John Donovan. This story also provides an insight into Clay’s past, as the bloody serious conflict began in the jungles of Vietnam. In addition to new missions and stories, all three paid packages will also provide new cars, races, weapons and side missions.

What do you think, will there be enough to do in Mafia III?

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  • Developer: Hangar 13
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, TPS
  • Appearance: 07.10.2016