The word “magic” gives rise to many associations in the head. Someone will mainly remember Harry Potter, Hogwarts and the Magic Wands, someone: wizards, taking rabbits out of a cylinder, and someone will remember the Scottish band’s song Pilot. There will be those who have the “magic” firmly ingrained in the spirit of a collectible card game. Magic: The Gathering.

MTG It was invented in the early 1990s and even after almost 30 years it continues to actively develop. This year, “Magic” has decided to focus on one of its more unusual formats: Multiplayer Commander or, as it is also called, EDH (short for Elder Dragon Highlander).

Magic can only be defeated by magic

It is worth starting the story of the “Commander” format with an explanation of the game modes in principle. MTG. They all differ in the features of card pickup, cards allowed and of course the rules.

For example, there is the “Standard” format: this is one of the most popular basic modes, with which most beginners start to know “Magic”. In this format, only maps of the latest editions are allowed, which are usually published four to five times a year. In the “Standard” you can build a relatively inexpensive game to play with friends and participate in tournaments.

On the other hand, there is the “Vintage” format, popular with true connoisseurs of old Magic cards. It has no prohibitions and almost all of the cards published in the story are legal. MTG.

My black and green Lorvin deck is considered vintage. Hey, give me back my 2007!

These formats are linked by several general rules: players always fight against each other, like real duelists, and each of them has 20 life points (whoever first demolished the entire opponent, won) ; A deck can have at least 60 cards and no more than four copies of a card. The last important thing: in these modes there is the so-called Sideboard, the “bank”, a small deck from which you can take cards between groups and replace them with cards in the main deck to adapt them. to the opponent.

Learn, soldier: you will be a commander

However, the rules exist to break them. And the “Commander” format is just one of those offenders. Take at least the word multiplayer, which is before the name of the plan. This means that at the same time three or more people can participate in the game (usually four are playing). Aside from the fact that “Commander” wanted to sneeze in your duel, this differs from anything players in other formats are used to in that he is allowed to play with only one copy of each card (not including basic grounds), and The entire letter on the cover must be exactly one hundred. In addition, in the “Commander” almost all cards that have been cast in “Magic” for many years are allowed. And even in this mode, there is not and cannot be a “bank”, that same additional deck, which is in other formats.

And, perhaps more importantly, in the “commander” there is actually a commander, a military leader who leads troops and casts powerful spells. It is around him that the entire bridge is built. There is a special area for the commander at the table: instead of lying on the hand or on the bridge, he always stands in front of everyone in sight, next to the battlefield. From there it can be played and brought into play, so that it personally leads your troops.

What is the format of Commander in Magic: The Gathering?

Usually a legendary creature becomes the commander, for example, the queen of the slipper swarm or the cunning and dangerous goblin leader.

Cheerful and courageous commander

An analogue of the modern “Commander” format appeared in the mid-1990s and was later called Elder Dragon Highlander. The commander himself could be one of the ancient dragons published in publications from that time.

Directly, the “Commander” diet was invented by the judges of the “Magic” tournament, who then distributed and popularized it around the world. Many years have passed since, however, interest in the format has not waned, and here the developers of the game have drawn attention: in 2009 Commander, as they began to call it, was added to the online version of Magic, and in 2011 began production of paper products created specifically for this format.

Although the company Magicians of the Coast and supports this regime, recognizing him as one of the officers, its development is controlled by the same judges who invented it. Sheldon Menery is at the helm: it was he who founded the committee that sets the rules of the format, and also maintains a list of prohibited card bans for the regime, in addition to writing the commander’s philosophy and participating in educational activities.

What is the format of Commander in Magic: The Gathering?

One of the first legendary dragon commanders. The descriptions and appearance of the cards at the time were very different from those today.

For exploration!

The “commander” was gaining popularity, so Magicians of the Coast She didn’t start playing and declared 2020 as the year of this format. This means that this year, in the new issues of “Magic”, more products dedicated specifically to “Commander” will be published. Since 2011, four “prekons” have been released each year (these are ready-to-play decks in Multiplayer Commander), then in 2020 we are rumored to be expecting up to nine. Five of them will start on May 15.

These sets contain unique cards. Magic: The Gatheringnot found in any other publication. Newly released theme decks “Ikoria: lair of the giants” – one of the main sets, which are published several times a year in Magic. The world of Ikoria is a land of huge monsters and an eternal struggle for survival. Commander decks cut this world into a single plot: Three of the new commanders are terrifying mutant monsters. In addition, in 2020, as part of the upcoming release of Zendikar Rising, two more decks will be released.

But also in this Magicians of the Coast does not plan to stop – multiplayer commander players expect a separate issue Commander’s Legends. It will contain “sharpened” cards exclusively under the “Commander”, including 70 new legendary creatures that can lead your army. This is a “draft” set for the format, meaning not a finished deck, but a deck of cards that you collect in your own unique deck. And for those who are not yet ready to assemble the rigging independently, Magicians of the Coast promised two more kits ready for the commander.

What is the format of Commander in Magic: The Gathering?

This is what the ready-to-play Multiplayer Commander decks look like. In the foreground is the commander who determines the strategy of the game.


Multiplayer Commander is a way for those who enjoy collectible card games who just want to compete for interest by spending an hour or two fighting with friends in the kitchen and competition-oriented gamers who want to participate in games. tournaments and winning will meet. Access to all possible Magic cards issued for over a quarter of a century makes this format very flexible and interesting. Throughout the year, new cards and decks will be released for the Commander, so you can pick any ready deck (or even try your hand and pick it all from scratch) and start playing right away – c is easier than it sounds.

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