We are going through a difficult time for everyone. Each of us is fulfilling our role in this war against COVID-19, that is, we want to get back to normalcy as soon as possible, knowing that when it’s over everything will have changed. however, we found time to think during which we can accomplish tasks which for one reason or another were not within our reach in the past. And maybe, for some of you, that means letting your imagination run wild.

In this sense, there are many ways to develop many different creations to give something to our tireless mind. But if you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone in your hands, it might have crossed your mind use these awesome cameras available to shape a story. Maybe a memory of that unique moment, or just a fictional tale of something completely different that we can refrain from.

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Today, starting a series of articles that we are going to share on the subject, I will try to let you know about some of the possibilities offered by these wonders that we have in our pockets. Specifically, I will teach you the development of what is perhaps the most improvised project I have ever done so far a short film shot entirely with the iPhone 11 Pro and Filmic Pro on the occasion of the Quarantine Film Festival called Uroboros.

First of all, I must point out that this is not a professional tutorial far from it, and what you will find here is my personal experience with some additional recommendations, avoiding hard-to-read Bibles. And the fact is, any way of creating is good if the result is what we were looking for, or if it is even better than what we imagined.

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The beginning: in search of a story to tell

The main thing when starting your small project, alone or outside, is to specify the story that we want to convey. This is the basis for giving birth to everything that follows. In my particular case, I was looking for convey what I feel this cyclic routine how evident it is now that we are at home and the need to continue. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated, every detail can make a great story for posterity.

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Anyway, what we need to be clear about is that there is no point in keeping all of our ideas in our heads. We have to translate them into a document, and for that we can be worth a processor like Pages, which is included in all current iOS devices. We can also choose more professional alternatives, such as Celtx Script, available for free in the App Store; o Final Draft, priced at 10.99 euros.

Whatever you choose, try to create a first script with the story you chose to tell, bearing in mind that this is a first draft and you will probably need to clean it up a lot. Of course, remember the limits you have, especially now that we are locked in our homes. Find places in your home that inspire you and adapt the stories you want to tell to the spaces you have.

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Finally, it is essential to keep in mind that while we are not creating something for business purposes, it is advisable to adapt to existing models. In the case of script, for example, it is recommended that if you don’t know how to create one, let’s look on the net for models to help us get our bearings when it comes to making the rest of the job easier. Of course, always thinking that everything does not have to go according to what is written in this document.

With the story in hand, start organizing

After creating the script, we should normally start looking for a team to work with. In this case, the team consisted of two people: my sister and I, whom I managed to convince without having to go to court, which I highly recommend. In your case, you may have more collaborators, or you may even find yourself in the situation where you have to do everything on your own. Either way, you’ll have to organize yourself.

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Short light urobores

Whatever type of short film you are going to make, you must think about when you can save, for which it is essential to recall the role of natural lighting. This is extremely important, because if you don’t control the light you will run into enough problems to keep your production going. I chose to save it by minimizing the outside light, closing the shutters, the doors and trying to get all the light out of the bulbs.

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Thinking about organization, imagine that it is very possible that you have to record the same action several times, that you need several shots. For him, try to record giving yourself several hours of headroom, since I assure you that you will lose track of time much faster than you imagine. If you think several days are needed, try to keep them as tracked as possible and try to record at the same time, it may be difficult even now, but it will help.

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Check that what you plan to use can be used

IPhone Accessories Short film

It sounds absurd, but we often think the stories take into account the tools we’re going to be using, and this may have influenced us while writing the script. For him, It won’t hurt to check that everything is working as it should, from the mobile and its applications, to the editing programs of our iPad, Mac or PC, through all the accessories in our possession.

In that sense, for me, that meant checking that the Filmic Pro app, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 stabilizer, and the Moment anamorphic lens that I’m using they worked well. But you don’t need all of that to create your story, in fact I ended up skipping the stabilizer, letting the iPhone do all the work. Great job, by the way.

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With everything ready to go and your story refined until your mind tells you enough, it’s time to start recording. But this part is another great article for another day, although if you have any of the latest iPhones you will want to read it ASAP, and that is we have some real mobile recording beasts at our disposal. , especially with the appropriate apps to help us.

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