After the spectacular launch for current generation consoles and PC via the Epic Games Store, are pleased to announce that developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive and retail partner and publisher Deep Silver, Inc Maneater has been sold more than a million times worldwide. In honor of this milestone and the growing number of players entering the perilous waters of this open-water action RPG (also known as ShARkPG) Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver are pleased to share early details on what players can expect from Maneater on Xbox Series X and PlayStation®5 systems. Maneater is fully evolved for the next generation of console systems and supports Ray-Tracing, native 4K HDR at 60 FPS, and new lighting effects that reveal the underwater world of Maneaterbring it to life in a way only possible on next-gen consoles. Xbox Series S owners will also benefit from more realistic graphics and a higher frame rate. The PC version of Maneater will also receive next-gen updates in early 2021, more information about these improvements will follow in the coming months.

Maneater evolves with Ray-Tracing, 4K 60 FPS and other improvements for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Players who Maneater already own for the Xbox One or PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system can look forward to a free, full upgrade to Maneater evolve as they make the move to next-gen!

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Next-Gen upgrades for Maneater will be available for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10, 2020 – and for the PlayStation®5 computer entertainment system on November 12, 2020 (North America, Australia and New Zealand) and November 19, 2020 (Europe).

Maneater is available now for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and PC (via the Epic Games Store). The game invites players to live out the ultimate fantasy of power by controlling the seas’ most dangerous predator – a bloodthirsty shark!

“The Tripwire team has been blown away by the extremely enthusiastic reception Maneater has enjoyed since the game launched earlier this year, and we can’t wait for players on next-gen consoles to experience the thrill of playing like a deadly shark. in all its powerful glory,” said John Gibson, CEO of Tripwire Interactive. “On the next generation of consoles, Maneater looks better than ever, with amazing ray-traced water and smooth 4k 60FPS gameplay. And it doesn’t stop there, as fans can expect more exciting news about the future of Maneater soon.”

Maneater is a game like no other, bringing an unprecedented twist to the action RPG genre. Tripwire Interactive can’t wait for more players to dive into the uncharted waters!

Maneater is now available