Maneater is all we lack the double A of previous generations. the difference, the Madness, The bad jokes and pushing everything to the extreme. The True Crime and Saints Row of life, in brief. The perfect breeding ground for a shark that likes to engulf a swimmer like fighting an orca in a water park.

Sadly, it’s also, for the most part, all the bad things about this B-Series aspiration, which ends up seeing excessive stitching, mistakes and “good it’s good“Nothing that prevents him from being appreciated for what he is and, of course, neither nothing to prevent us from enjoying it.

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From radical fishing to arrested development

In the key to false reality, Maneater wants to be the “Forged on fire” Or “Radical fishing”From the world of video games. With a narrator who accompanies us at all times and explains the vicissitudes of the marine world, we will continue the fight between a small shark and the hunter who murdered his mother. It’s just crazy and the idea works like a photo.

From this fateful moment, when we have already taken advantage of a small fish to tear an arm from the hunter, our role will be to browse the different parts of a aquatic open world complete missions and explore the waters for collectibles.

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After overcoming several challenges and end it zone managerWe will meet our nemesis again before giving way to the next area. Thus, from the marshes, we cross the waters surrounding an industrial zone, from there to a canal surrounded by chic houses and, finally, to the big blue.

Fight alligators, jump on a ship and go wild with the crew, bounce on dry land to nibble on a license plate or find very successful tributes to series like Arrested Development. One of those combinations to make sense of something is probably your worst decision.


A game in Maneater

The thing in Maneater It goes more or less like that. Almost always in a shallow labyrinthine area, we will have a cave that serves as a base and various missions that will appear on the map: eat X humans, like X fish, destroy a hunting ship, eat X predator.

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Along the way, a large majority of minnows waiting to be devoured to increase the number of different nutrients we will need later and, to make things a little more difficult, too predators who will try to slow us down.

From the prices obtained during the execution of certain missions, a series of genetic modifications which act as passive or active abilities. Separated into electrical or bone evolutions, our shark will change its appearance, disappear like lightning while dodging or it can cling to prey for longer by shaking it.


I was surprised, for good, how much grindeo could have grabbed in this regard and how much he dodged Maneater this need. Leveling up each of the powers is relatively easy if you just go on quests and search for collectibles through its waterways. Even get modifications and complete the game with a Mega shark Chetadísimo is quite affordable.

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Folded flap

His problems, which he has, are in fact others. For starters, the design of each part of this particular open world is pretty overwhelming. With the exception of a few of its areas, those related to the last stage of the game, it all comes down to labyrinthine channels little mobility and winding corridors.

To a certain extent seen an all seen, and only when you get to the ocean and there is a a greater sense of freedom and depth Exploring the environment begins to make sense. Swimming in a pond is not the same as swimming in the pool.

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Its second big problem is sheet metal and paint, which it lacks technically. Camera control starts to display impairments as soon as the first fights arrive and, while moving around and goat-making isn’t particularly complicated, the game gets heavier when it comes to serious fighting.

At the same level, some finishes are scratched. The first time I saw someone on the edge of a boat with their arms outstretched, I thought it was a joke at the Titanic. When I realized this was the position of the rest of the crew, I understood that the problem was that they were all in T because their animation had not been activated. In the middle of a fight you can sneak up, but in the middle of a cutscene it’s an obvious problem.

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How to learn to be a crazy killer shark

The issues that are easy to spot but don’t involve too many sticks on the wheels during the game are joined by another more concerning. I have been thinking about it for several days and it is a strange situation.


In an alternate universe I would probably complain about obstacle courses under the sea, tests for jumping through stuffy hoops, but here the lack of ideas for missions main is what’s boring.

Maneater He decided he was going to eat things. Eat fish, eat humans, eat, eat, eat. And he is so convinced that this is how he leaves no trace of that tone.

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It is not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where after completing the mission to eat 10 turtles, the next one that catches you the most is to eat 15 turtles. And of course, that’s a minimum.

More so when you get to some confrontations and Maneater Uncover better ideas that have gone unnoticed for much of the game. Dodge missiles then grab them with their mouths, jump into the air and send them back to an enemy ship in a tail? Where to sign.


An incomprehensible repetitive system that is only saved by looking for more jokes and secrets that put a smile on your face, in the face of a memorable fight and how fun it is to be a crazy killer shark.

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VidaExtra’s review

I really wanted a game like Maneater. Something far from clever and transcendent, a Hungry Shark GTA in which to unleash chaos and irreverence while tossing the millionaire off a yacht into the sky and swallowing him in full swing. A task that fulfills perfectly, but is far from a round game.


Due to the lack of variety and rarity – which is also just a shark with two branches of power – it won’t be difficult that at some point it starts to get repetitive. Fortunately, the thing go up towards the endBut by then, he will have more than clarified what his shortcomings are.

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Too bad they sound so much in spite of themselves Maneater a less pleasant game. Without a doubt, this is one of those games that an extra semester in the oven would have enjoyed wonderfully, so it only remains to dream that a possible second installment will improve the present.



Platforms PC, PS4 et Xbox One (version analysée)
Multiplayer Non
Developer Tripwire Interactive
Company Deep silver
launch Now available
Price 34,99 euros

The best

  • A very funny madness
  • Shark control is much more comfortable and agile than it looks
  • A candy for the finalists


  • Some very obvious technical errors
  • Lack of variety in missions
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Source: Gadgetsnow