The ZWANGER & CO family has expanded with Manuel Broekman. He will play a leading role in the new ensemble film by director Johan Nijenhuis. Imanuelle Grives, Soumaya Ahouaoui, Vincent Croiset, Loek Peters, Ilse Heus and Bas Keijzer have also been added to the cast of the new cinema film about modern parenthood. The recordings have already started and the film will be released in the autumn of 2021.

Manuel Broekman replaces Rolf Sanchez. Due to a busy schedule, Sanchez unfortunately had to withdraw from the film after consultation with director Johan Nijenhuis. “From a previous pleasant collaboration with Johan, I immediately said yes. Unfortunately, with the extremely busy schedule and shooting schedule of the film, we came to the conclusion that it was simply not feasible to combine it,” said Sanchez. For director Johan Nijenhuis that was a bit of a shock; “I was concerned about whether we would find a suitable replacement on such short notice. Fortunately, Manuel Broekman still had time. I was on the set of Rokjesdag with Manuel and it was already clear that Manuel is a driven, imaginative actor. We just shot his first scenes and his jokes and reactions help this pregnancy comedy even further.”

Manuel Broekman was immediately enthusiastic: “I received a call to play with Bo Mearten. I always had a good connection with Bo and with this spectacular script it is fantastic to interpret this story with her. Next year people will enjoy it.” It was previously announced that the leading roles are played by Lieke van Lexmond, Waldemar Torenstra, Maaike Martens, Matteo van der Grijn, Thom Hoffman, Carolina Dijkhuizen, Beppie Melissen and Bo Maerten.

The storyFour pregnancies, (almost) mothers, fathers and (great) grandfathers; all in one family. From people in their twenties, who start it rashly, to a mother with empty-nest syndrome who wants to do everything she can to enjoy a baby again. Zwanger & Co deals with all forms and challenges of parenthood. Just insist on taking care of your second leg on your own as an over-60s, or against all the advice of your mother and sister finally choosing to get pregnant from a sperm donor, only to meet the love of your life … The film is an idea of ​​executive producer Daan Mollema (LOVE WITH CUBA), it was written by Aliefka Bijlsma (MOROCCAN WEDDING) and Jacqueline Epskamp (WAY FROM YOU), is produced by Ingmar Menning (THE LUIZEN MOTHER) and directed by Johan Nijenhuis (THE BONES OF SAINT-HILDEGARD). The production is made possible with contributions from the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the Abraham Tuschinski Fund. Dutch FilmWorks will release the film in Dutch cinemas in 2021.

Zwanger & Co is powered by Kek Mama, TLC, Maza and Beter Bed.