Mario, 35 years in the letters to the Magi.

Spanish boys and girls of various generations have been excited to discover among their gifts the famous plumber’s games. A couple of notes of its melody are enough to recognize it and, for many, it implies an immediate burst of nostalgia. Discover the new video in which several celebrities get excited humming the music of their childhood game.

A sock on the fireplace for Santa Claus or neatly arranged shoes under the tree for the Three Kings to find? The roscón with cream or without cream? Frank Sinatra or Tambourines and Fish in the River? In the world, there are almost as many ways to celebrate Christmas as families, but it seems that for 35 years there has been something that almost all have in common: Mario. And it is that this charismatic plumber has been present in the childhood of so many generations, and so many children have screamed when they found a game of his unwrapping gifts, which is as much a part of Christmas as nougat. Specifically, since his solo debut for the NES in 1985, more than 373 million Mario games have been sold worldwide. Or what is the same: a Mario every 3 seconds.

Some well-known faces, such as Los Javis (Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi), Antonio Orozco, Rudy and Marta Fernández, Angy, Juan Gómez Jurado and Blanca Romero have come together this Christmas to celebrate Mario’s 35th birthday by humming his melody, all a Christmas classic of their childhood that has made them smile and remember great moments playing as a family.

Mario, 35 years in the letters to the Magi

Can only a melody be able to generate that nostalgia? It’s not by chance. Its creator was Koji Kondo (Nagoya, 1961), a Nintendo employee who also worked on other titles such as The Legend of Zelda saga, and who is considered one of the best video game musicians. The main theme of Super Mario Bros. was his first work. In an interview with Satoru Iwata, Kondo told how the process of creating the melody went: “On the NES, I could only program three sounds at a time, but I wanted to make something unmistakable, sound like music as much as possible by having take into account the restrictions and make it fun, precisely because I was only going to use three sounds ”. He did it: the melody is unmistakable and a fundamental piece of video game history.

For the child, for the parents or for the grandmother. Super Mario is for everyone, it is intergenerational, and that is a good part of the reason why it has found a niche in so many Spanish homes. First of all, because you don’t need experience or agility with the controls to be able to enjoy it. On the contrary, any Super Mario game is perfect to be someone’s first video game, because they have a very intuitive learning curve and it is very easy to handle for the most beginners. At the same time, once you master it, you discover that they offer great depth, so it also ends up becoming a perfect challenge for more expert players.

Mario, 35 years in the letters to the Magi

In addition, there is the component of fun, the true engine and raison d’être of their games. Mario jumps, pirouettes and faces difficult adventures with a humor and a dynamic that draws smiles from the players. As with good animated films, its games can be enjoyed in different ways by children and adults, but both experiences complement each other and are equally important.

In short, they are games that can be enjoyed alone, yes, but even more so if they are shared with family or friends. It is no coincidence that their games are the most Nintendo titles in local multiplayer mode and, perhaps, that is also part of the nostalgia produced by the notes of that melody known to all: who does not remember those games with his brother, with his father or the neighbor you were meeting after class. Playing makes us happy but, if it is in company, the smile when humming the song lasts a little longer.

Mario, 35 years in the letters to the Magi

This Christmas, kids with their Nintendo Switch will find more than 20 Mario titles to choose from, like Super Mario Odyssey, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe .