What would the melodies on the soundtrack of ‘Super Mario Bros. 2’ if someone sat down at the drums to give them a more human touch? The video above is the answer, or at least one of them, to this question. I say at least one of them because each drummer has his own style, so the possibilities and combinations are almost endless.

Andrea Vaducci, whom we see in this video, gives a touch of progressive rock that goes well with the original compositions. In fact, as soon as I saw it, I thought of Mike Portnoy, drummer of the group ‘Dream Theater’, and I was absolutely right: in Andrea’s biography, it appears that some time ago she was part of a band that was dedicated to doing covers of DT.

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Beyond the result, which is outstanding, it must be borne in mind that doing something like this requires some time and dedication. You may have noticed that the rhythmic patterns used by Andrea are not simple at all, although played by him they may seem simple. Behind them there are surely hours of listening and millimeter calculation to put each blow and each roll in its place. All this without forgetting the good taste and the final spectacularity. A flawless job, in my opinion.

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Is no one wondering why? Why has a musician like Andrea, with an impressive resume behind him despite his youth (he was born in 1983), decided to dedicate part of his time to composing a series of rhythmic arrangements for ‘Super Mario Bros. 2’?

The Internet is full of material generated by musicians whose concerns have led them to pick up their instrument and dedicate part of their time to pay a kind of private tribute to their favorite video games. From drummers to bassists, guitarists and entire bands capable of interpreting entire soundtracks of classic video games. Many still deny it, but video games are an art that in turn encompasses a series of artistic disciplines, among which we find musical composition. And isn’t it wonderful that we can abstract these musical works from the rest of the elements and pass them through our personal vision to offer them back to the rest of the world in their new state?

I bring you one more video, in which Greg Patillo does his thing. In this case the guy plays the transverse flute and beatboxes simultaneously. Do not miss it:

To finish, I would like to dedicate this post to all those who are incapable of seeing that videogames do not only generate violence, as they want us to believe.

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