Mario Camus shoots in Cantabria ‘The meadow of the stars’.

The Cantabrian city of Comillas paid tribute to the Santander director Mario camus, on October 15, for turning its streets and squares into a set. Given the constant reference to the town that contains Camus’s filmography, a gazebo will bear his name. Immediately afterwards, the filmmaker began filming his new film, ‘El prado de las estrellas’, with actors such as Sancho Gracia, Álvaro de Luna (‘Broken Silence’), Mary González, José Manuel Cervino (‘I will survive’), Manuel Alexandre (‘Incautos’), Óscar Abad or his regular, Antonio Valero.

Structured in three parallel stories, ‘The meadow of the stars’ is, according to the author, a metaphor about “childhood memories”. “Everything is basically childhood”, because from that stage “all creativity comes out”, and the rest of life “is to express oneself, defend oneself and survive”, assured Camus. The director was reluctant to unravel the plot of his film, because “the stories, if told, lose all kinds of suggestion” and “when it comes to explaining them”, they always “turn out a little badly off”, although he advanced that the protagonists will be Alfonso, played by Álvaro de Luna, and an old woman who took care of him as a child and who is now confined in an asylum. The woman owns a meadow, on which one of her sons intends to build a housing estate. On the other hand, it will tell the story of a young social worker, from the same town as Alfonso, who will have “a conflict” between two boys, and who in the end decides “a vital solution for her”, which is “to live her own life. without interference of any kind ”. Óscar Abad, a 16-year-old from Los Corrales de Buelna, got on a bicycle at the age of five and never got off again. Like Martín, the fictional character who grew up in the imagination of the Cantabrian director Mario Camus to be one of the protagonists of his new film. “I am delighted to be in the movie. I had never considered being an actor because it was something very remote. I really want to start ”, acknowledged the young man, who runs for the Almacenes Lavín team.

Awarded at the main international festivals such as Berlin and Cannes, the recognition of the figure of Mario Camus is reflected in the awards of the Gold Medal for Fine Arts (1983), the National Film Award (1985) or the Order of the Arts. and the Letters of France (1986). One of the last tributes the filmmaker received took place last year at the Toulouse Festival. His titles include ‘The Holy Innocents’ (1984),’ Shadows in a Battle ‘(1993),’ Townhouses’ (1996), ‘The Color of the Clouds’,’ The Beach of the Greyhounds’ (2002), ‘ The birds of Baden-Baden ‘or’ The days of the past ‘. He is also the author of the screenplay for ‘Roma’, by Adolfo Aristarain.

Mario Camus shoots in Cantabria ‘The meadow of the stars’

Last Monday, October 16, filming began ‘El prado de las estrellas,’ produced by Cre-Acción Films, by the brothers Rodolfo and Nano Montero, in co-production with 2 and 4 Films and Proverfilms. After these previous documentaries that were filmed on Sunday in Camargo and Rasines, during the dispute of the respective tests of the season of the Cantabria Junior cycling circuit, the final filming, in 35 mm, will begin on October 16 and will run until the first week of December in Comillas, Santander, Torrelavega, Valderredible, Cabuérniga, the portillo de Lunada and La Cavada as main locations.