Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the tee starting today.

When Mario and his friends in Mario Golf: Super Rush enter the green for Nintendo Switch, the fun comes first – and things get really fast. In the roles of Luigi, Yoshi and other well-known faces from the Mushroom Kingdom, players plunge into varied game modes alone or with up to three fellow combatants. What to expect in the new game is revealed in the trailer Get ready to tee off with friends and family in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

A motley crew

Mario has brought many of his friends with him for the exciting rounds of golf: there are a total of 16 playable golfers to choose from, each with their own strengths and mastering unique special techniques. With Pauline, Football-Chuck and King Bob-omb, even three newcomers celebrate their series debut. The athletes compete on six unique golf courses, including classic courses and those with unusual obstacles. And that’s just the beginning: Free updates will expand the game with additional golf courses and even more playable characters in the future.

Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the tee starting today

Adventurous and fast-paced game modes

In Mario Golf: Super Rush players can conquer the green in varied game modes both solo and together with up to three other golfers. Multiplayer games are possible via the local and online connection of Nintendo Switch. The latter requires an internet connection, a Nintendo Account and a paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online.

Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the tee starting today

While in classic standard golf, whoever pots the ball in the fewest strokes wins, speed golf is particularly fast-paced. Here, all participants tee off at the same time and race across the court while using helpful items. In battle golf, too, all players play golf in parallel – but with the aim of first putting into three of the total of nine holes. In the Solo Golf Adventure mode, Nintendo fans enroll their Mii characters in golf practice at a posh country club and go from novice to pro. They meet club members from the Mushroom Kingdom, improve their stats with experience points and unlock new clubs and outfits. They can then use their trained Mii character to compete in other game modes.

Hit and swing with precision

Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the tee starting today

But no matter which mode you play: The intuitive button control makes it easy for newcomers and experienced professionals alike to achieve success. Simply aim at the target, select the strength of the shot – and the ball flies over the lawn. Players can turn around obstacles or slice the ball to influence its roll direction after landing. There are also other nifty features like the rasp bar that adjusts to the angle of the slope and a scan that provides useful information about the terrain. Golfers can also use motion controls in all game modes except Golf Adventure. That means you can swing the Joy-Con controller like a golf club – and the in-game character will mirror your movements.

Thanks to the colorful cast of characters and the varied golf courses and game modes, Mario Golf: Super Rush no part of the other. And whether alone or with friends and family – players can expect a fun time on the green!

Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the tee starting today
  • With 16 playable characters, six golf courses and many game modes, variety and fun are guaranteed
  • Up to four golfers can make the green unsafe together locally or online in exciting games
  • Free updates will add new golf courses and playable characters to the game in the future