Mario Golf: Super Rush.

There are those who believe that golf is a sport of prodigies: technical, precise, exciting. But there are also those who believe that it is a boring and slow sport. If you are from the second group, think again, that there is something here for you. Sports video games according to Mario Golf: Super Rush are always synonymous with fun in company, since anyone, whether they are a regular gamer, a fan of the sport in question or neither, can start playing and win thanks to simple controls and fun items and special moves that can turn the tables at any time.

There are classic examples like Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Strikers, what if we mix Mario with golf and give the rules of the sport a little twist? Here comes Mario Golf: Super Rush, the fastest-paced installment in the series to date, now available on Nintendo Switch.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

About the game

Mario Golf: Super Rush can be as calm, precise and technical as the player wants, respecting the times, turns and scores of the classic golf rules. But it can turn into a multiplayer madness where there are no turns, with all players swinging at once, running to the ball to hit the next shot before an opponent’s special ruins your play, and even bring this whole frenzied formula to a stadium with power-ups, bombs and more, all alongside Mario, Luigi, Peach and a whole cast of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Simple button control makes it easy for new players and seasoned pros alike to master the golf club. It’s as simple as aiming, loading the force of the shot and making the ball fly. Players will be able to angle their shots to avoid obstacles, and spin the ball to alter its path as it lands. These and other mechanics will help players conquer the track, including a shot meter that adapts to the angle of the slope and a scanner that allows you to better understand the terrain. Additionally, motion control can be used by holding a Joy-Con like a golf club*.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

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Players can choose from a roster of 16 Mushroom Kingdom characters, each sporting different strengths and equipping their own special move. Pauline, Placapum and King Bob-omb will make their debut in the saga. Up to four players can meet on the green, both locally and online**, in a variety of modes. And with a choice of six great courses to choose from. Including traditional courses and special obstacle courses, every round of golf is different.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

And there’s more to come in this Mushroom Kingdom golf game. Free updates will be released in the future that will include additional courses and other playable characters.

Game modes range from traditional Golf to energetic Speed ​​Golf, Battle Golf – an even more fast-paced variation of Speed ​​Golf. And a story mode with RPG elements in Golf Adventure. In this mode, players can engage their Mii in golf training at a prestigious country club, and work their way from rookie to pro. They will be able to interact with familiar characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, learn how to play the game, and face a variety of challenges. Players will even be able to bring their Mii and custom features to other modes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush It’s on sale now exclusively for Nintendo Switch, and includes a colorful cast, different modes and tracks, and much more. Players will be able to team up with a variety of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom both alone and in different multiplayer modes. Simple button control makes it easy for new players and seasoned pros alike to master the golf club. If you want to know more about the game, check out the trailer “Compete against your family and friends in Mario Golf: Super Rush (Nintendo Switch)”.

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