Mario Party Superstars, a multiplayer party like the ones in 1999.

Gatherings of people around a console, rarely until the late 1990s could include more than two people. Since the arrival of Nintendo 64, those afternoons with soft drinks and sandwiches revolved around Mario Kart 64, but in 1999 the meetings became parties with the premiere in Spain of the Mario Party saga, a new formula that included the The same shaker, the interactive board game, the wacky minigames and the characters of the Mushroom kingdom, and that would change the idea of ​​the video game as an exclusively individual entertainment. More than two decades later, this Friday, October 29, 2021, arrives Mario Party Superstars to Nintendo Switch, a tribute to the classic games of the Mario Party saga to celebrate as we did before, but with all the possibilities of now.

Fortunately, the dreaded Effect 2000 did not end the world as we knew it, and today we can continue to celebrate as in 1999, a year that is remembered with great nostalgia for the many films and songs that have become part of the culture. pop. While the Spanish children prepared for the arrival of the Pokémon phenomenon to the schoolyards, after class, the multiplayer fun at home had the protagonist of the Nintendo 64, which that year expanded the spectrum of games to enjoy in company by living the birth of such important sagas as Super Smash Bros. and Mario Golf. But who introduced the idea that you could have a party around a console was Mario Party, this new madness that allowed up to four players at the same time to have fun regardless of their experience with video games.

If you were one of those children, or even if you later joined the interactive board game franchise, get ready to quench your nostalgia and get the party back on your Nintendo Switch thanks to Mario Party Superstars, a tribute to the entire saga that will lead Players compete for the stars on boards from the original Nintendo 64 Mario Parties, and between turns they will duel in the 100 minigames collected from all the installments of the saga.

Mario Party Superstars, a multiplayer party like the ones in 1999

Blast your way through a luscious setting (literally!) To get your hands on the highest number of stars while making it difficult for your opponents in Peach’s Birthday Cake, a board from the original Mario Party game. Or keep a close eye on the countdown that activates Bowser’s Coin Beam and hold onto your coins in Mario Party 2’s Space Station. Your dice luck will be vital to victory, but not everything plays out on the board. In Mario Party Superstars nothing is decided until the end of each game, but winning minigames is important to accumulate coins with which to buy stars, special dice and much more. Get the victory in classic minigames like “Colorful Mushrooms”, “Shy Guy says …!”, “Chupacámaras”, “Shock balls”, “Tragapizza”, or “I see, I see”, among many others.

Before starting each of the 100 different minigames, all players will be able to check how it is played until they understand it so that everyone starts on equal terms. There are minigames for 4 players, 2 against 2, 1 against 3, duels and much more, and all the minigames are played with a classic control with buttons, so all models of the Nintendo Switch family, all Joy-Con and Controllers Pro are supported.

Mario Party Superstars, a multiplayer party like the ones in 1999

Throwing a party with friends or family around you is always fine, and Mario Party Superstars lets you throw a party wherever and whenever you want on the same console *, using local play **, and now also online ***. All modes are compatible with online multiplayer, so you can join your friends for a few minigames or a 30-turn marathon session. This party has a universal language, and with Mario Party Superstars you don’t need to meet your rivals to have fun. Even the loneliest partygoer will be able to play online with random people from anywhere in the world.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a quick burst of minigames can also do so in the Monte Minigames, a new mode with seven different circuits: Free play, sports and puzzles, for coins, in pairs, challenge for three, survival and daily challenge. Other new features include auto-saving after each turn in games with friends, so that you can take a break at any time and pick up the game where you left off, and the ability to use stickers to encourage or annoy other players as you move around the boards. in search of stars.

Mario Party Superstars, a multiplayer party like the ones in 1999

Gather your friends and family around a Nintendo Switch or from anywhere in the world and throw parties again like in 1999 with Mario Party Superstars, a compilation of classic boards and mini-games to play as before with a renewed touch, which arrives on 29 October exclusively for Nintendo Switch.