After an evening at Apple, we continue with an evening of Nintendo Direct. Not that it’s all about the Super Mario Odysseys and the Project Octopath Travelers: there is also a lot of other game news that you shouldn’t miss!

You know that feeling when you show your favorite movie to someone who never saw it, you’re kind of uptight and happy for them? That they are going to discover all those fantastic things for the first time? That’s how the Guard feels! Take a seat, because this N8W8 is awesome!

Nintendo Direct took place at noon last night. The N8W8 takes you through the biggest announcements roundup:

Kirby Battle Royale

November 3, 2017 Kirby Battle Royale will be released on 3DS. In honor of Kirby’s 25th birthday, you can vote for Kirby’s favorite superpower at

Lyn comes to Fire Emblem Warriors

Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS is coming

It includes a Survival mode and a Creative mode with its 5 skin packs and 2 texture packs. Your inventory is on the touchscreen, but you can also choose control via touch or buttons. Available soon, so release date still unknown.

Mario Party: The Top 100 will be released January 28

A fun Mario Party pack is coming, it’s a game called Mario Party: The Top 100 that features the 100 best games from the franchise. It will be released on Nintendo 3DS on January 28 and you only need one cartridge to play it with several people.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be released on December 1

This is the new trailer:

Snipperclips is being expanded

Snipperclips will be provided with new content: Snipperclips Plus – Cut to play together. It’s a new version of the original game, only bigger. More than 30 new levels and you can play all original levels with new shapes. November 10 Snipperclips Plus will be released as a full game and as a dlc if you already have the original.

Skyrim to Switch on November 17

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to Switch on November 17th. Doom is coming around the holidays, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be released on Switch in 2018.

More revealed on Project Octopath Traveler

Square Enix Title Project Octopath Traveler is a new HD-2D game. There are 8 characters selectable, it will be released in 2018, but the demo will be live later today.

Super Mario Odyssey bundle announced

As expected, Nintendo Direct closed with Super Mario Odyssey, in which the hat of Mario was put in the limelight again, but in as many worlds as possible. The game will be released on October 27, along with the wedding-style Amiibo (Mario, Peach and Bowser), a red Nintendo Switch case and the bundle where you buy Switch with two red Joy-Cons including the game.

For the rest of the Nintendo Direct news, the Guard is happy to refer you to the full episode.

Co-director of The Last of Us leaves Naughty Dog

Bruce Straley, the co-director of The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, is leaving Naughty Dog after 18 years. He had already taken a sabbatical and noticed that he wants to put his energy into other things. In itself no surprise, after all, this is what many people take a sabbatical for, but he does end his long-term collaboration with Neil Druckmann. And this man is a hero, because he created one of the most beloved new IPs of the last decade. Well done Straley!

Don’t Starve Hamlet announced

Growling, carnivorous plants and a pig that looks like Professor Layton’s run-down brother: this is Don’t Starve Hamlet. Developer Klei announced this expansion for Don’t Starve with just this teaser. Hamlet takes Wilson into town, where he encounters pig shops, new items and houses, among other things. This undoubtedly special DLC will be released at the beginning of 2018.

Blizzard has two new Overwatch teams at $ 40 million

ESPN writes that Blizzard has enabled two Overwatch esports teams to make Overwatch a global esport. Major deals have been struck with OpTic Gaming in Houston and Comcast Spectator in Philadelphia, releasing $ 20 million twice. Blizzard has thirteen teams, but is already working on a fourteenth in Chicago. The Overwatch League should start in 2018. And, you don’t necessarily have to be able to game to participate, as long as you can cook!

Indie Pogo honors a huge number of games

While the Guard tries really hard not to think about that cute Harry Potter-esque game from Chucklefish, she runs into Indie Pogo. This fighting game takes place in arenas that you should be very familiar with from fantastic games that already exist. And with characters you know, such as Shovel Knight, Lilac from Freedom Planet and Orcane from Rivals of Aether. Fifty studios have loaned their characters to Indie Pogo, how cool is that? The trailer, the style, everything about Indie Pogo is very appealing. Why is this different from all those other brawlers? Well, because everyone has swallowed a pogo stick and can’t stand still. Bounce your way to victory! The game has to pass the Kickstarter campaign first. You can find it here.

EA wants to start streaming service

On Xbox One and PC there is EA Access and Origin Access, but EA wants a lot more than that. EA wants to become the Netflix of video games. During a technology conference, EA CEO Chris Evenden said EA is working hard on its infrastructure to make this possible: “We’ve built infrastructure from both the product and a marketing perspective, so if we can roll this out on new platforms, our new games therefore also run on those new platforms. We have been working on this project for about five years now. Inevitably, games will go down the same path as music and video entertainment. The infrastructure is challenging, but in the coming years you can expect some huge technological announcements that will have a big impact in the next three to five years. ” Evenden also elaborates on the costs for the gamer: “If you want to play FIFA in America right now, it will cost you 460 dollars. You have to buy the game, you have to buy the console, while in the streaming world you only spend $ 9.99 a month. All you need is a smart TV. ” Can we comment on EA flix and chill yet?

That’s how long it takes to build the new Star Wars LEGO set

There are many reasons to be jealous of Gizmodo. They have a fantastic grandfather clock by Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast that the Guard is already looking for on eBay, and the brand new Millennium Falcon of 7,500 LEGO pieces (and a price tag that also gives you a wonderful weekend in New York or a week in Bali). According to the video, that sick LEGO set takes more than 24 hours to assemble. And probably a few more hours to figure out where to put this huge colossus. But guys, the Milly is so beautiful!

This is what the new Hellboy looks like

Stranger Things’ David Harbor is the new Hellboy, and a picture of the actor in full costume has been released today. The film about this Dark Horse demon is directed by Neil Marshall from Game of Thrones and The Descent.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War also has live action TV commercials

It’s a trend and the Guard likes that: after all, we can see the in-game images in the game itself, right? It’s great to see that TV commercials of games increasingly feature real people, so that the non-gaming audience can more easily identify with the characters. However, whether that also applies to these over the top Middle-earth: Shadow of War commercials?

Mexican hairless dog in new trailer Coco

We’ll stick to news about Disney-owned companies for a while as a new trailer for Pixars Coco has been released. You see not only a wonderfully ugly Mexican hairless dog, but also a lot of skeletons on the Day of the Dead. It’s an interesting choice to feature the dead so prominently in an animated movie, so we’re curious what this movie will do once it’s out in late November.

Rocket League will rock your fall

Look outside: it is autumn then autumn. Rocket League plays into it with a new Indian summer-esque arena and user-created tournaments. Psyonix also announced that the football game will be expanded with more than 90 free items. Transparent goal posts will also be added in the fall update, which has apparently been a long-time request from the community. This applies to all maps in the game. All non-standard arenas now become rectangular for competition, but the original shapes remain available in some game modes. This fall you play in Farmstead, a beautiful arena surrounded by autumn colors and meadows. There will also be a beta for Director mode, which should make Rocket League more fun to watch thanks to an AI camera. This atmospheric update will appear on 28 September. And ps: Psyonix has said not to have Rocket League 2 in the making, but mainly want to perfect the first game.

Trailer time!

Tribute Mode announced for For Honor: Season 3

Nice and playful Rayman Legends Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch launch trailer

WayForwards Mystik Belle is better explained in this official trailer

Futuristic racing game LIGHTFIELD will be released September 26, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Big fat disco trip in the announcement trailer Octahedron

Axiom Verge will appear in the Switch eShop earlier

The physical release of Axiom Verge has been delayed and developer Tom Happ is disappointed. To accommodate the fans, he asked them on Twitter if it would be an idea to release the digital version of the game earlier. The response was very positive, so it was decided to release the digital game on October 5. That is considerably earlier than the physical version that will be released on October 17.

Frieza reigns supreme in Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer

The Sayan can get sentimental again because the bully is back. The Guard is more of the Cell saga (and that pink treasure she really shouldn’t mention in her N8W8s), but if you really got involved with our Dragon Ball Z heroes in the Frieza saga, you can enjoy . Frieza’s intro film in Dragon Ball FighterZ has been released. How do you like him? This weekend, the closed beta of this sleek looking fighting game kicks off.

Sine Mora EX will be released on Switch on October 10th

The dreamy-looking shooter Sine Mora EX will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 10. It was already there on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This EX variant contains three versus modes, local co-op for the story mode, new challenge levels and a better presentation. Beautiful!

It’s over, but keep an eye on SamaGame today for more game news. Good luck with work, school or other things today. Don’t wear the same socks for a day and have a nice day today!