Martha Is Dead now available in physical format for PlayStation.

The international video game distributor Wired Productions and the leading Italian studio L.K.A. have announced today that the long-awaited and popular horror game Martha is Dead is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in physical format.

Martha Is DeadUtilizing the Unreal® Engine 4, it blends real-world locations, tie-ins to historical events during the latter part of World War II, superstition, folklore, and the deepest psychological angst.

Martha Is Dead now available in physical format for PlayStation

“Martha Is Dead has been quite an adventure for us, but now we are getting closer to the point where players all over the world will be able to enjoy it,” says Luca Dalco, Founder and Director of LKA. “This is an experience that faithfully and accurately represents this era, from an authentic recreation of Tuscany to the impact of World War II on Italy. We can’t wait for you to enjoy the game.”

Celebrate the launch with physical edition what includes an A3 size poster exclusive double-sided, one sheet of collectible stickers and digital download of a tarot deck based on the game cards.

Martha Is Dead now available in physical format for PlayStation

About the game:

The game kicks off in the heart of the Italian countryside, with the country caught between the clutches of Allied and Axis forces. It’s 1944, and a war that has long seemed so far away is drawing ever closer to home. As the Allies fight their way up the spine of Italy, Giulia finds herself battling her demons following the death of her twin sister Martha, as does her German father Erich, a Wehrmacht soldier, who is now fighting. on the front…


  • Deep and dark multi-layered narrative.
  • Exploring the loss, relationships, and psychological undertones of a dark period in history through the eyes of a young woman searching for the truth, but also with her own secrets to hide.
  • A detailed recreation of the Italian countryside.
  • Freely discover the stunning Tuscan countryside on foot, by boat or by bike.
  • Based on reality, the setting and historical context of Martha Is Dead are inspired by real events and places that have been faithfully reconstructed in true LKA style.
  • Play with dolls and puppets in the theater to recall repressed memories.
  • Mix of folklore with superstition.
  • Unlock symbols and use tarot cards to reveal new aspects of the game and summon the spirit of The Lady.
  • Collect newspapers, telegrams and listen to the radio to stay updated on what is happening in the world during the war.
  • Take pictures for the sheer joy of it or to progress the story and discover more about the game world. A simulator will transport you to 1940 photography, where you can
  • Reveal photos in a fully functional darkroom within the game!
  • Immerse yourself in a deeply evocative and atmospheric soundtrack. Authentic Italian music of the time.

Martha Is Dead already is available in physical format for PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5.

Martha Is Dead now available in physical format for PlayStation

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