Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?.

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

Marusya or Alice, what to choose? How to understand which device is better, smarter, cheaper and more functional? It’s a tough comparison, but we’ve told you everything you need to know!

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

Device models

Of course, only the user himself can decide what is better – Marusya or Yandex Station! But we can help you by comparing the devices according to the basic parameters, so that you can choose the most suitable device.

Let’s start with the model range. Both manufacturers produce several models, which differ not only in functionality, but also in price.

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

Do you want to reconfigure the station, but don’t know how? The linked article explains how to do it.


Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?
  • Capsule. White or black, for 8,990 RUB.
  • Mini capsule. In two colors: light gray and dark gray, for 5,490 RUB.


  • Regular station. White or black, for 14,990 rub.
  • Max. Upgraded version of normal speaker, white/black or red and blue. It costs 21,990 rubles.
  • Mini. The small one will cost 6,990 rubles. The new version is available not only in black and white, but also in blue and red.
  • The light. It only costs 3,990 rubles. Available in the following colors: pink, beige, yellow, purple, turquoise and red.

The answer to the question of whether a Marusya speaker or an Alice speaker is better depends on your preferences. If you are looking for interesting (and cheap) designs, you can get a device from Yandex. Plus, they offer a larger selection of models that cost more than competing devices.

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

Of course, all these devices differ in their technical characteristics, not only in their design.

Subscription Features

Let us help you decide which column is better, Marusya or Alice, if we tell you about the features of the subscription.

Of course, both devices can work independently, you do not have to pay a subscription to the services, although this significantly reduces the available functionality. That’s why users pay for Ya.Plus or VK Combo!

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

When comparing Alice and Marusya smart speakers, it is imperative to mention that Yandex gives you the option to purchase the device via subscription. What does that mean? You’ll pay for the device in small payments each month. It is a kind of installment payment plan, which allows you to extend the payment of the purchase.

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But Mail’s device is only sold in retail stores and at full price, there’s no subscription purchase.

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

So which station is better, Alice or Marusya, when it comes to subscription services?

subscriptions offers a fee of 169 rubles per month, which includes access to VKontakte music, unlimited use of the BOOM application and video viewing through the Wink video service. There are also other discounts and bonuses, for example, on taxi rides or when ordering food at Club Deliveri.

Let’s continue comparing which smart speaker is better – Marusya or Alice! Yandex, on the other hand, offers several subscription options at once.

  • Regular Plus for 199 rub/month for one person
  • Plus with for 399 RUB/month for one person
  • Plus Multi with for 499 RUB/month. Up to four users can be connected
  • Plus Multi with Amedia Library for 699 RUB/month, also up to four users maximum

In addition, all Plus subscription options include unlimited access to Kinopoisk, Yandex.Music, as well as discounts and return points on the developer’s services. Among them are Taxi, Shop, Market, Driving and others.

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

So decide what is better: Marusya or Alice! Study the rate plans more closely, compare bonus offers, discounts, cash back opportunities and take your pick.

Important: both devices are sold with a promotional gift period, you can enjoy all the benefits of the subscription for free for three whole months! And then the automatic payment renewal will take effect.

Skills and abilities

Who is smarter, Alice or Marusya? This is the hardest question to answer, and it can only be answered with practice! In fact, both assistants have very similar functionality, while being quite friendly and pleasant “to talk to.”

Marusya or Alice: which is better, which speaker to choose?

Please note that the voice and reactions of the Yandex assistant are better developed: it sounds much more pleasant, understands people well, and even reacts to moods. The VK assistant so far lacks such abilities.

Which smart speaker is better, Marusya or Alice, what can they do? The capabilities are indeed similar: ask to call the user or read an alert, order a taxi or food delivery, build a route. Give instructions to set a timer or alarm clock, change a song, and much more.

Both Yandex Station and Marusya know how to search for information on demand, can answer a question and share interesting facts. You can also interact with them for informal communication: ask them to tell you a story, an anecdote or a fact of the day.

Both assistants are perfectly oriented towards communication with children, they have a children’s mode and special abilities for interaction.

Before buying, be sure to read reviews about which speaker is better – Alice or Marusya. Trust the experience of real users who have already bought one of these devices and have a lot to say. If you are a smart device owner, share your impressions in the comments to help others make the right choice.