Post-sinister Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Dark Order , which remains a Nintendo Switch exclusive, on Marvel’s Avengers it is particularly pleasing to the eye – although it is not a large-scale superhero sketch. scale, but its budget is clearly higher and more time will have to be spent. Before the official start of beta testing, we had the opportunity to personally experience the game and understand what it is and whether it is worth kicking off the traditional fall season of blockbusters.

Everyone will become a superhero

Publisher Square Enix , apparently confident in the success of the game. Obviously, sales will be high – just one word “The Avengers” will already interest millions of potential buyers. At the same time, neither the publisher nor the developers hide the game from prying eyes, but rather run tests on all platforms. And “beta” in this case is not a set of two or three missions, after which you are shown a static image with a pre-order button, but a lot of the game with a lot of entertainment.

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But first you have to go through the half-hour intro episode, in which terrorists, led by Taskmaster, attack the northwest coast of the United States. This is such knowledge of all heroes (except one) – in a spectacular mission resembling an Uncharted Fragment , we protect the Golden Gate Bridge from mercenaries and take care of controls, periodically switching from character to character. other. Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Black Widow have similarities – they all do weak and strong hits, and when you hold the strong button down they can destroy fragile buildings and walls.

Preview of Marvel's Avengers

Fans of the Marvel movies may have a hard time getting used to how the characters look, but the appearance isn’t the worst.

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But the difference between them is also big. Thor throws a hammer and uses it in close combat, Iron Man can fly above the ground and shoot enemies with his hand, Hulk demolishes everything in his path, Captain America throws a shield and the Black Widow is armed with a pistol and performs a counterattack, using a hook to shoot at the opponent. … All of them have their own unique playing characteristics – Hulk, for example, is able to hang on and bounce off certain walls, and Iron Man pursues his enemies at high speed.

We all have a unique “ult” that deals massive damage over a wide area. The Hulk can clap loud enough that everyone around him flies through the air and seriously injures himself. The same goes with Thor, who summons thunderstorms. However, it’s impossible to fully appreciate the combat system in this episode – you just need to press the buttons shown. But it’s already clear that enemy attacks can be different – some just dodge to activate slowdown and you can dodge damage, while others require counterattack or rebound.

Preview of Marvel's Avengers

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Iron Man fans have a vacation this year – you can fly in VR, and then get used to the role of a superhero.

Banquet suite

The intro actually doesn’t have much to do with the rest of the game – at least it lacks a lot of features. They tried to make the prologue a cutscene, like you’re watching a movie, so you can’t go left or right – it’s a continuous corridor. But in the second mission the game is fully revealed – in which we take on the role of the Hulk and meet Kamala Khan (Miss Marvel). At first we control Bruce, but he is forced to transform into a Shintoid green monster, teleporting peacekeepers, protected rebels, and other enemies.

This mission is also linear, but the locations there are slightly more open – slightly different from the course, sometimes you come across dilapidated walls that can be pierced with a violent blow, and you find chests with precious trophies behind them. Among them are collectibles like Kamala fanfiction (it’s really fanfiction, sometimes there is tension between the Avengers) and comic book covers, all kinds of materials for pumping gear and items. themselves.

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Marvel’s Avengers – another game with colorful clothes falling all over the place. All heroes have seven slots in their inventory – three for artifacts with “unique play bonuses” and four for clothing. For Hulk it’s nanites and amplifiers, for Kamala it’s bracelets and vests – in fact, there is no difference. Either way, these items increase melee and ranged damage, defense, and super move damage.

Preview of Marvel's Avengers

Kamala is just as interesting as the main cast of the Avengers.

White trophies are completely worthless, green gives a chance to get a bonus in combat (for example, a temporary damage increase after a light finishing attack), blue gives another passive skill. With the help of materials, you can improve things to wear them longer (here, as elsewhere, there is a medium resistance indicator), but it will probably come in handy at the “end of the game”, and not during the game. main passage.

Visually, the objects do not change anything – for this, costumes were introduced, of which each hero has a lot. Some are unlocked by reaching certain levels (all characters have something like a battle pass with a bundle of trophies), others offer to buy from a local store. It’s not yet clear whether it’s possible to get currency in the game itself – microtransactions in Marvel’s Avengers they sure will, and in addition to the costumes, you can purchase custom gestures and emblems for the profile. Nothing affects the gameplay – just cosmetic items.

The work of the Avengers

In the second mission, there are significantly more groups of enemies, so you can take full advantage of the combat system. And she’s really funny. You hit one with a strong blow, another with a weak one, use special techniques on L1 and R1, throw a rock torn from the ground at a flying enemy, dodge, jump, activate the ultimate and finish the rest – it’s all good. spectacular and exciting. Then you find yourself in the server room, where, in the process, you break glass and destroy equipment, search for hidden boxes (which, to be fair, take too long to open) – there is No time to get bored.Preview of Marvel's Avengers

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If you’re not careful, you can die quickly, even at normal difficulty.

Later, control passes to Kamala. Ms. Marvel defeats her opponents with outstretched arms and legs, and this feature allows her to leap over chasms with her limbs hanging from ceiling lamps and ledges. The animations transform into each other easily and quickly, and the variety of opponents requires you to use different techniques. You can jump over shield bearers by pressing the button to deal damage from the rear, flying enemies harass with shots and must be destroyed as soon as possible, and one of Kamala’s techniques allows him to instantly restore health – ideal for mid-battle battles. Then you activate the “ult”, with which the girl becomes twice as big,

The many skills of the pause menu expand the list of possibilities. Each hit has variations – a regular hit can be turned into an uppercut or knockdown sweep, a heavy attack will pierce defenses, print enemies into the ground, or knock them down when activated by dodging or running. Combinations appear with different effects and stun power. All of the characters have three dozen of these skills, and you can imagine the efforts the developers put into the combat system (Iron Man is especially handsome, waving lasers and firing missiles). But these aren’t all improvements – there will be even more in the full version.

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Preview of Marvel's Avengers

Shooting rocks from the ground and throwing people behind Hulk doesn’t get boring for a long time.

More and more freedom

In the third mission we go to the Russian tundra – here they already allow us to choose whether we want to play for Hulk or for Kamala. The location is much more open. The hero receives a signal detector and can not only search for the location of the next target, but also find “points of interest” near him. Somewhere elite fighters meet, for the victory they award rewards, somewhere there are warehouses with valuable equipment or hidden bunkers – sometimes you even have to solve simple puzzles like “Tap all buttons at the same time and open the door ”.

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Well, after this task, the headquarters table on the helicarrier (the base’s local analogue) becomes dotted with additional tasks, and the player is no longer offered two heroes, but four. It is necessary to destroy something, then find materials, then hold the point and fight the enemies – in the latter case, someone must stand in the point, otherwise the points will go to the opponents. When playing alone, the squad positions are filled with bots that behave surprisingly well – and help with serious injuries and focus on priority targets. But the main job, of course, has to be done by the player – none of the bots are standing at the same points, they would just fight.

Preview of Marvel's Avengers

The plot of the “beta” cannot be appreciated – while there is a lot of content, there isn’t a lot of story in it.

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Doing this solo turned out to be a lot of fun – so much so that after completing the missions I wanted more. Largely due to the large number of techniques, the list of which grows as leveling progresses, and the ability to complete missions with different heroes that are not alike. Tired of destroying everything in the role of Hulk – take Iron Man and fly. Tired of shooting for the black widow – grab Kamala, hang on to the ledges and watch her funny limbs stretch. In a co-op, this will all be especially exciting – you can both invite friends to the team and look for fellow travelers at random.

The point may be, none of these heroes have had normal games for a long time. And here – a big budget blockbuster, on which many beloved studios are working. The authors also paid a lot of attention to all the characters, and it will not be boring to call one of the superheroes. But that’s not the end – in the future, new heroes will be added to the game for free with their own story tasks and skill trees (they’ll start with Hawkeye). So if you want to play Marvel’s Avengers as a service game, do everything at maximum difficulty, collect the perfect gear, and wait for the updates to come, then it has to satisfy that desire.

There are two complaints about the beta. First, it freezes periodically – it happened in my very first task. But for several hours everything worked stably until the next error. Second, on the base 2013 PS4 the frame rate drops a lot sometimes – not too often, but a slideshow can start during combat with large groups of enemies. The game is superb, but I’m afraid that on the standard versions of PS4 and Xbox One, the “brakes” aren’t as rare as we would like. Or it’s an old version, and everything was fixed a long time ago in the full version.

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Preview of Marvel's Avengers

There will be more Thor and Captain America in the full game than in the beta.


When Square Enix showed off Marvel’s Avengers gameplay last summer , attention was only paid to the intro mission. Linearity, slow battles, small enemy squads – it was all striking and the first impression was perhaps not the most pleasant. But the ‘beta’ has taken all doubts away – when they stop grabbing you by the handle, expand the slots and feel free to throw dozens of opponents from all sides, then take on the role of a super- hero, approaching each opponent in a different way and getting stronger turns out to be very cool.

The beta will be available on August 7 for PS4 pre-customers and August 14 for all PS4 owners and pre-customers on Xbox One and PC. Well, on August 21 the doors will open to everyone. This version has a lot more content than we’re used to (I didn’t mention some entertainment like VR rooms – you’ll see it all for yourself), and it’ll finally let you figure out if it’s worth it. worth spending time and money on the game. Progress will carry over between different stages of the “beta”, but in the full version everything will have to start over, so it’s not worth staying in MBT for long .

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Source : The Verge