Square Enix has recently released its latest financial results and they are by no means brilliant. The fault of all this? Most likely of Marvel’s Avengers.

The Japanese company has published the results of the last six months until September 30, 2020 and although revenues and profits are higher than those of the same period last year, the quarter that saw the release of Marvel’s Avengers was characterized by a total loss of 5 billion yen, or almost 40 million euros.

The company did not want to explain in detail the sales figures of the title in question and did not even comment on its performances, but the adventure Crystal Dynamics it certainly did not work miracles.

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In the first quarter of fiscal 2021, the period in which it was published Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the “HD Games” division reported net sales of 34.1 billion yen, nearly 277 million euros and operating revenues of 10 billion yen (81 million euros). In contrast, the following quarter (July-September), which saw the publication of Marvel’s Avengers, the HD Games division saw net sales of 23.7 billion yen (193 million euros), but operating losses of 5 billion, as mentioned. above.

They are not results that will lead to the bankruptcy of Square-Enix, but it is clear that Marvel’s Avengers did not meet the expectations of the publisher. Unfortunately, we do not have clear data on its performance on the shelves, however a Tokyo analyst claims that the title has sold only 3 million copies, 60% of the initial forecast.

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As a GaaS, Marvel’s Avengers can stay alive for a long time, thanks to the support and continuous updates from the developers. However, amidst these not very encouraging results, a fluctuating and declining number of players and the COVID that has significantly slowed development times, this is not exactly the best time for such titles.

What do you think? Do you think it looks bad for Marvel’s Avengers? Or is there always the possibility of being resurrected?

Source: Eurogamer

Source : Reddit