Marvel’s Avengers: How do you find the right balance in superheroes?

Balance is always a bit difficult for superheroes. By definition, they are overwhelming and almost invincible. In upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, developers will tackle this problem in two ways. On the one hand through history, on the other hand through mechanics and adversaries.

“The Avengers have been dissolved, they are banned,” says creative director Shaun Escayg. “Tony Stark is no longer in control of Stark Industries. And the Hulk, generally an angry and angry beast, wrestles with guilt for losing his bearings. We took the Avengers and confronted them with the most human concerns and conflicts. intimate they had. what is Iron Man without its technology? When you play, you experience the rebirth of these heroes and you see them gradually becoming more powerful. “And when it comes of gameplay, there is an overlap with the historical aspects of this challenge for the Avengers: “They’re not just normal robots,” said Scot Amos, studio director of Crystal Dynamics. “Do you remember Tarleton? He started out as a partner of Stark Industries and after the Avengers split, AIM took over [Advanced Idea Mechanics] all this technology, George Tarleton and his team have all this research and this technology. “

“There is an allusion to this in the video [Once an Avenger]that you saw, “he explains.” Tarleton tells Tony that he should be familiar with this shield technology. Then Tony replies, “What do you steal next? My hairstyle? ‘AIM has this Iron Man level technology and it goes beyond that. It’s about defeating superheroes through science, stealing these powers from overwhelming people, the Inhumans. “

There are a number of visual allusions to this: “Some of these robots seem familiar, they have an energy source in their chest and well-known weapons. And they use different types of shields, which are even capable of repel Mjölnir. These are extremely powerful machines, which basically took the strengths of the Avengers and used them against them. And it’s not just machines. AIM is a scientific organization. In addition to MODOK and machines, there are also scientists. “

“There was a fight in the middle of the wasteland that I played with my team,” recalls Amos. “I was in a war zone and then these guys suddenly appeared, we call them guards. They are alluding to how AIM scientists got into high gear compared to the comics. one of them fired with that yellow beam of energy in the back that I didn’t know before. It’s called SPIN technology [Super-Power Inhibiting Nanobots] and is taken from the comic book. “

“It’s literally Marvel Lore, and these scientists invented it because they are people like you and me, but they brought in the technology to help them fight superheroes,” he said. “And technologies like that appear in the middle of a fight. I want to carry out my heroic attacks, it strikes me and my energy decreases. And I say to myself:” Oh my god, what is it? “This is one of the things that Vince [Napoli, Combat Director] love it because it’s part of Marvel’s DNA. “

“It allows you to realize that really smart people work at AIM and that they have technologies comparable to those of superheroes,” notes Amos. As an example, he names one of the runners from the latest gameplay video. “An energy nucleus makes it work and one of the AIM scientists is inside and makes it work. So we give these normal people the strength to take an Avenger. We had to balance the opponents, the whole threat and MODOK with his intelligence. In the end, he controls all of these robots, basically you are fighting a huge army all the time. MODOK is sharing all of his different abilities against superheroes. “

“It is a great fight between superpowers and science,” he said. “Not only in historical terms, also with regard to mechanics. Of course, you are right when you say that we have gods on the one hand. The god of thunder with his powers of lightning and surface damage. the other, there is science that exploits or at least resists some of its abilities, which gives us some interesting options for level, equipment, and abilities. For example, you can create a flash with extra pym particles. you reduce these runners to a size so that the carcass can catch and beat them. “

“These are the struggles that escalate with a threat worthy of the Avengers because we are essentially confronting them with their own abilities,” said Amos. “And at the same time, we make sure they feel powerful because they work together. You give the other heroes on your team the opportunity to start with the knockout.”

Last week there was a new look at the history, gameplay and cooperative mode of Marvel’s Avengers, and Square Enix had also confirmed free upgrades for Marvel’s Avengers for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In the PlayStation Store, you can pre-order Marvel’s Avengers in Standard Edition (69.99 euros), Exclusive Digital Edition (79.99 euros) and Deluxe Edition (89.99 euros).

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