Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was an expensive project and did not meet the sales targets hoped for Square Enix. Marvel’s Avengers, meanwhile, it had to be something “safer”: everyone loves superheroes, everyone loves Destiny, so putting these two together seemed like a no-brainer. However, if the statistics of Steam are a good indicator, this publisher’s line of thinking didn’t quite work out.

In the past 24 hours, Marvel’s Avengers peaked at just under 4,000 players. During launch, the game managed to reach a concurrent maximum of 31,165 users. By comparison, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided hit an all-time high of 52,485. This speaks volumes, especially since one of these games is a multiplayer game designed to be played for a long time, and one is a single player RPG that apparently didn’t sell well enough.

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Square Enix hasn’t talked about the Marvel’s Avengers sales numbers. While the game did quite well during its first week, it only sold a third of what Marvel’s Spider-Man sold on PS4 alone. Marvel’s Avengers is a cross-platform and multiplayer title and Spider-Man only launched on a console and is a single player game. All of this paints a worrying picture for the future of the title.

Of course, Square Enix could change that – this wouldn’t be the first case of a live game facing a tough launch and redeeming itself. What is about to happen to BioWare’s Anthem could happen, which should be reborn as something totally new since its launch.

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It probably didn’t help that Marvel’s Avengers launch was plagued with bugs and stability issues either.

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