Marvel’s Iron Man VR in an avalanche of details between longevity, combat system and much more

Marvel Iron Man VR coming out in a few days and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the game, as it really looks like a promising full-fledged Iron Man VR experience. Developers Camouflaj recently revealed new details about the game’s customization and upgrade mechanisms in a video, and now in a new update on the official PlayStation blog, the director Ryan Payton revealed many other details, including duration of the game, combat, locations included and more.

The game will be quite long because the team wanted to offer “a sturdy Iron Man action game exclusive to PlayStation VR with a deeply meaningful Tony Stark story“The developers were originally aiming for 4 to 5 hours, but after recent game testing, it looks like the game is twice as long, about 8-10 hours.

Payton also talks about the game’s environments, which he describes as large open spaces that will allow players to “fly at full speed“One of the places where you can do it with the SHIELD plane, will be the city of Shanghai -“the most ambitious environment we have ever created, Shanghai, allows players to fly between the skyscrapers of a city full of life. We worked closely with Marvel’s vice president and creative director Bill Rosemann and creative director Tim Tsang to put the Stark Tower at the center of a whirlwind of action and excitement.“.

Payton also talks about combat mechanics. “During the game campaign, new mechanics will be gradually introduced, in the hope that, having reached the final sequence, you will feel so in tune with the controls that you will be able to perceive the pulse armor as an extension of your body.“.

Payton then spends some time discussing the history of the game, saying that the title says “a personal story of Tony Stark using the forces of PSVR to tell stories“.

Finally, Payton also briefly discusses what VR has added to the game in terms of immersion. “During the development of Marvel’s Iron Man VR, we were very surprised to see how virtual interactions increased the feeling of immersion. For example, turn off a burning engine or save Pepper from a jet that is about to explode. Creating such situations requires a lot of resources, but we could say that we inserted several during the main campaign“, Writes Payton.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be released exclusively for PlayStation VR on July 3.

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