Max Lemcke shoots ‘Casual Day’ with Juan Diego, Macarena Gómez and Alex Angulo.

Last Monday, November 6, filming began on ‘CasualDay’, Max Lemcke’s second feature film, an acid comedy about relationships in the world of work that will feature, among its protagonists, Juan Diego, Macarena Gómez, Álex Angulo (in the photos in that order), Alberto San Juan, Javier Ríos, Estibaliz Gabilondo, Malena Alterio, Carlos Kaniowsky and Secun De La Rosa; apart from the members of the television series ‘Camara Café’ Arturo Valls and César Sarachu.

The ‘CasualDay’ is a business practice imported from the United States. Every Friday, employees are invited to substitute a suit jacket for a more informal one. Some companies take advantage of the day to take a trip to the countryside and carry out different activities that promote personal relationships, reduce stress and improve business activity.

‘CasualDay’ tells the stay of a group of bosses and employees in a rural house for a weekend, it is an acid comedy, sometimes absurd, that reflects the power relations that are established in the business world. Max Lemcke (1966) is part of a new generation of Spanish directors whose work is developed thanks to the dynamism of independent production and who, despite the difficulties, achieve recognition for the quality of their work.

Max Lemcke shoots ‘Casual Day’ with Juan Diego, Macarena Gómez and Alex Angulo

Max Lemcke’s first feature film, ‘Mundo Fantasia’ (2003), shot in Madrid on DV, was presented at various International Festivals such as Karlovy Vary selection “Another View” (Czech Republic), La 27ª Mostra Internacional de Sao Paolo (Brazil) and Cinéma Tout Ecran in Geneva (Switzerland). Lasting 70 min., ‘Fantastic World’ is a drama that focuses on the erotic club that bears the same name as the film. Alicia works at the club. There, while undressing during shows, she dreams of becoming an actress. Alicia shares this dream with her friend Susy, but the precariousness of her daily life is undermining her friendships. With a camera that investigates without ever intruding, ‘Fantastic World’ explores the difficult balance between living and working to survive and fighting to achieve the life that we ourselves decide in an increasingly private society.

Lemcke debuted as a director with the documentary ‘Pepe el Moro’ (1993), followed by ‘La Vida Imposible’ (1995). He directed the short ‘Todos os Llamais Mohamed’ (1997) – awarded at the Huesca and Valencia festivals – which combines documentary testimonies and fiction to present the situation in which African immigrants living illegally in Spain with the idea of ​​going to the north Europe. Later he made ‘Paleopolis’ (1998) and more recently his short film ‘Small stories between phones and windows’ (2000, Spain), in which the telephone messages from a dating service accompany us through a city at night. Lemcke was director of photography in Bem-Vindo a São Paulo (2004), a documentary narrated by Caetano Veloso.

Max Lemcke shoots ‘Casual Day’ with Juan Diego, Macarena Gómez and Alex Angulo

Juan Diego won two Goya awards: one in 1991, with the film ‘El rey pasmado’, and another in 1999 for giving life to a former anarchist cyclist converted to nudism in Berlanga’s ‘Paris Timbuktu’. On television he has played the tireless ‘Padre Coraje’ in Benito Zambrano’s series; in cinema he got into the skin of General Franco in ‘Dragon rapide’. He has proven to be one of the best Spanish actors in ‘El 7º día’, by Carlos Saura, ‘Pepe Guindo’ and many other films. His most recent premiere is ‘Vete de mí’, together with Juan Diego Botto.

Álex Angulo’s best-known role is probably that of Álex de la Iglesia’s ‘El día de la bestia’, but he also has a long career in film and television. We have recently seen him as a rural doctor in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’.

Max Lemcke shoots ‘Casual Day’ with Juan Diego, Macarena Gómez and Alex Angulo

Macarena Gómez was born in Córdoba on February 2, 1978. She studied a high school course in the United States and later traveled to London to study Dramatic Art. In 1999 he settled in Madrid. She became well known after playing a drug addict in the television miniseries’ Father Courage ‘, although she had previously had her first major film role in the movie’ Dagon. The sect of evil ‘. His roles in ‘Platillos Volantes’ or ‘El Calentito’ show that he has a special charisma. He has also appeared in ‘Romasanta’ (by Paco Plaza), ‘Hot milk’ (by Bofill Jr.), ’20 centimeters’ (by Ramón Salazar), etc … Currently he is romantically related to the Spanish filmmaker Jaume Balagueró, director of ‘Los sin nombre’ and other works made for Filmax, where some of the titles mentioned above were produced. Gómez combines his film career with participation in plays, in which he has stood out on several occasions. He has also participated in various television series such as ‘Hospital Central’ or ‘Kangaroos’.

Filming, in High Definition, produced by Monfort Producciones, Videntia Frames and Estudios Picasso, will take place until December 13 in the Gipuzkoan town of Amasa.

Max Lemcke shoots ‘Casual Day’ with Juan Diego, Macarena Gómez and Alex Angulo