MediaMolecule’s latest game, Dreams, is coming soon to PlayStation 4 after ten months of early access, and to celebrate the dedicated community of creators it has earned, the studio has organized the first ever IMPY Awards.

This annual awards ceremony, which was broadcast on YouTube, aims to “celebrate the best content and the best creators of Dreams” in 21 different categories and in an hour and a half. Much better than the Goya, where is it going to stop.

Dreams players were able to nominate their favorite projects and creators last December, and then vote for their favorites in six community categories. The rest were selected by the study.

There were all kinds of categories: the cutest Dream award, the best visual section, the funniest creation … We leave you some of the winners below.

MarmiteForMe’s ‘Aww-ward’ Cutest Creation Award for Color with Crayons.

Best Visual Section Award for BrianTaylor60 for Outpost 60.

Funniest Creation Award for Witchy Woods by Awesome_David.

The best animation went to Duet from Byvsen.

The “Hidden Gem” award went to SlurmMacKenzie, responsible for Do Robots Dream of Electric Imps.

The award for the best gameplay went to Cubric.

Raz0rbackzwei’s Mimeo Prophecy won the Best Narrative category.

The best character was Frederic the Fox from CodiBear8383.

Media Molecule celebrates the best Dreams creations with a first edition of awards

And the most prestigious award, Dream of the Year, went to Pig Detective: Adventures in Cowboy Town, from SdeReu & Lotte_Double.

You can take a look at the full list of nominees and winners of the first edition of the IMPY Awards on the PlayStation blog. Remember that the full release of Dreams is on February 14 on PS4.