Mega Man 11 | Now available.

The long-awaited sequel Mega Man 11 is available today in digital format for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, including Xbox One X, and Windows PC. In Brazil, the game is available in physical format for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this mix of classic action and platform gameplay with unique novelties and a modernized look, players control the famous little blue on a new journey alongside well-known friends , as its creator Dr. Light and the faithful robotic dog Rush, to defeat the persistent villain Dr. Wily!

To celebrate the launch of Mega Man 11, Capcom released a launch trailer that shows some of the challenges Mega Man will face, including a small preview of a very familiar one-eyed giant.

In Mega Man 11, players must jump, slide, shoot and use many other moves to go through challenging stages and face the powerful bosses controlled by Dr. Wily, the famous Robot Masters. Defeating each boss and absorbing his powers is one of the great attractions of the game, as tradition dictates. Dr. Light installs the new Double Gear prototype system on the heroic little blue, giving Mega Man new abilities that allow him to slow down time or strengthen his faithful Mega Buster and other weapons instantly. However, Mega Man is not the only one who has access to this new system … Dr. Wily also installed the Double Gear system on the powerful Robot Masters! Players will need to use everything at their disposal to defeat Dr. Wily and his horde of robots in the fight for peace.

Mega Man 11 |  Now available

In addition to the main adventure, Mega Man 11 also offers several new modes and features:

· Use the Double Gear system wisely: an interesting addition to the traditional action and platform formula, offering options to improve Mega Man’s speed and power instantly.

Mega Man 11 |  Now available

· For veterans and beginners: multiple levels of difficulty are available to players of all skill levels. A new weapon selection wheel has been added to quickly access any weapon during combat, without interruption.

· Several challenges in Challenge Modes: face a wide selection of classic challenges in Challenge Modes, like Time Attack and Score Attack, as well as several new events like Balloon Rush, Jump Saver and more.

Mega Man 11 |  Now available

· Reach the top of the online leaderboards: beat your friends’ times and scores in the various Challenge Modes, or go to the top and compete with players from around the world. A convenient automatic upload option ensures that your scores and times are automatically posted to online leaderboards.

· Find out the details of the game world in the gallery: check out Gallery mode with minutiae about the various fascinating characters from Mega Man 11!

Mega Man 11 |  Now available