Megaevolutions that I consider too broken..

You do not need to be an insider on the subject to be mentioned Pokémon and know what they are talking about, that is something that is clear, and that is that Pokémon has a worldwide fame, without hardly innovating it has managed to delight everyone, mine inclusive. I said without innovating until this new generation, that they have included the megaevolutions, which have given a twist to the fighting style more than any double, triple or rotary combat, totally changing the scheme, and beware that I say this as constructive criticism.

Even so, this is where I am going to disagree: not all megabytes seem necessary to me. Why do I say this? Many of us who play Pokémon like to play it in a different way. competitive, you know: IV’s, Stats, natures, etc, … and with some megabytes they have spent a lot, I will comment on those that, in my opinion, should not exist:

Mega-Garchomp: The first mega that it would eliminate: a pokémon with already high stats, now increased by 100 points plus the Power Arena ability, yes, they have slowed it down, but that bad beast learns Dragon Dance, so you will tell me where he passes that drop in speed, if we add to that movement an earthquake in Sandstorm, few will get rid of that monster.

Megaevolutions that I consider too broken.

Mega-Blaziken: Let’s see if I can explain myself with this one; It does not bother me that they have put a mega in it, it annoys me that they have put Impulse on it, the normal Blaziken with that ability was already forbidden, needless to say that this is in UbersAs if that weren’t enough, apart from having that ability, our friend wins only by mega-evolving 20 points in speed, a mere turn is enough to get a huge advantage over your rival.

Mega-Salamence: For the same reason that Garchomp: A dragon that already stands out in a normal way you put a mega in it, absurd, it is wanting to look for an easy victory, without strategy, at least the ability is a bit indifferent to me, because Salamence’s movset does not usually include Normal type movements, yet thus it is a totally unnecessary mega.

Megaevolutions that I consider too broken.

Mega-Metagross: Another bad beast that if it is not in Ubers is already taking. Metagross is a Pokémon with a huge physical attack, which can increase it (or not) with Meteor Punch, as if that were not enough they put Hard Claw that increases the damage of contact attacks by 33%, if we add to that the STAB (Movements of the same type as the Pokémon) to see who is the handsome one that takes a blow from this metallic spider.

Mega-Abomasnow: I do not put this one because it is broken, at all, I put it because to this day I have not seen anyone use this mega, if I made it mega evolve it was to have its shape registered in the Pokédex.

Megaevolutions that I consider too broken.

Mega-Gengar: Shadowtrap + Samedestiny + stupid Special Attack words are unnecessary.

Mega-Steelix: It’s not that I think NO It should exist, I’ll explain: It seems like a good mega, but badly used, I never used a Steelix, but the main strategy (if I’m wrong, correct me) is for this Pokémon to act as a tank, then Power Arena +40 points in attack … I do not see it to my liking, I would be forced to create an Earth-type team in its entirety to take advantage of it, I would have scored more points in defense, as they have done with Mega-Slowbro.

Megaevolutions that I consider too broken.

Mega-Kangaskhan: I couldn’t forget one of the first megabytes that went to Ubers, I still remember when I started playing against people in X and everyone had one with Increase Punch, anyway …

It is true that I have left to mention the mega of legendary and regressions, but I think it goes without saying that ALL broken, starting with Mega-Rayquaza, a mega that doesn’t need a stone, allowing him to carry an item, if you could create a list of Ubers for Ubers, he would top the list.

And so far my opinion about the megabytes, I repeat: MY OPINION, do not throw yourself at my neck if you do not like the article please, but you can tell me if you agree or not, whether or not you would include any more. Greetings to the entire community.

Megaevolutions that I consider too broken.