When Mercedes-Benz showed us its Vision AVTR concept inspired by the movie ‘Avatar’ at CES 2020, we weren’t expecting much more from it. It is what concepts are, samples of what could be done in the future thanks to the expression of ideas. We were wrong, the manufacturer has made this vehicle a reality and shows us what it’s like to drive down the street with its hypnotic design and those practically surreal wheels.

Concepts generally do not come out of a stand at a technology fair or presentation, however this has not been the case with the Vision AVTR. This electric car from Mercedes-Benz, although it will not be mass produced, has a functional version with which it can be driven. In the following video we can see how the german manufacturer imagines the car of the future:

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The truth is that no matter how much they look like images made by computer the vehicle is 100% real, this makes it even more incredible. There are no details of what engine or how it is internally, it seems that the mechanics of its wheels as spheres work and also the console without a steering wheel.

Car and driver “merged”

Following on from the idea of ​​the movie ‘Avatar’ and the Pandora machines, Mercedes-Benz devised a special steering wheel. It is not actually a steering wheel, but rather a kind of joystick on which you place the palm of your hand. As you move your hand from one side to the other the car moves sideways or forward. They describe it as a way of “merging” the human with the machine.

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Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The design and its connection with the driver is also worthwhile highlight its curious ailerons and the lights it brings. The rear spoilers move as the car moves forward, brakes or turns to improve its aerodynamics. On the other hand we have the lights, blued as it could not be otherwise, that flood the car from all sides and even on the wheels. They indicate in the video that they are part of the emotions expressed by the car.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The video, which lasts 13 minutes, also shows us other aspects of the car how the materials with which it has been built can be. Mercedes-Benz also emphasizes how they came up with the idea of ​​using hand gestures to control the car, or how designer Alex Dang came up with the vehicle look. Unfortunately, the Vision AVTR we may never see on the streets of a city.

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Source : Engadget