Message to Vrutal members about Smash Ballot.

What will happen after the next Smash Direct?

You all know what I’m going to talk about, unless you live under a rock, anyone knows that tonight what will probably be the last DLCs to come to Super Smash Bros 4 for 3DS and WiiU will be announced in a Nintendo Direct. Well, there is the question, we have all voted in the Smash Ballot and we all want our character to come out and as Cloud has been confirmed, one can think that any character that has appeared in a video game can come out as a future fighter. But we all know that war, war never changes and there will always be people who get angry whatever the result, well I tell you only good feelings can unite us, interest has never forged lasting unions and if I do what that you can’t, and you do what I can’t. Together we can do great things. The community is like that, if we don’t support each other we will all sink, affirming that my destiny is not linked to yours is like saying: “Your side of the boat is sinking”.

The union is strength, strength makes battles win, and the one who wins the battles is the leader. Yes, by that I mean you gamers! In a team, conflicts are inevitable… in fact, to achieve synergistic solutions, a variety of ideas and approaches are needed. These are the ingredients for conflict. By this I mean that there are three things I would say to help us stay together: When something goes wrong: I did it. When something turns out more or less well: we did it. When something turns out really well: you did it.

I know these are difficult times and I’m not just saying this for Nintendo, I’m saying this for the entire video game industry! The strength lies in the differences, not in the similarities. The most beautiful thing about playing video games is that you always have others on your side. And I know that there are characters who deserve to be in Smash more than others, not everyone can claim to have the same fame and press, but everyone can say they are champions. When climbing a great mountain, would you leave a partner to reach the top just because they don’t have the same tastes as you? None of us is more important than the rest of us. Team spirit is what gives many companies an edge over their competitors. Don’t ask what Nintendo can do for you. Ask yourself what you can do for him. A civilization can only endure if many contribute their collaboration to the effort. If everyone prefers to enjoy the fruit, civilization sinks.

Message to Vrutal members about Smash Ballot

after the next Nintendo Direct, many things will end… The character DLCs will end, the predictions in YouTube videos will end, the memes of who will be the next fighter and the comics that deal with the same will end and also the jokes of Jhon Cena as the next DLC. It is a stage of our life that we must assume, but do not be sad, new things will come! The new characters will come, the new amiibos will come, the jokes and memes of the characters that did not appear at the end crying will come and above all a Japanese will be happy to crack you alive after having been training hours to dominate the new characters.

That’s why I ask you on the 15th when they announce the DLCs they won, don’t be angry! Do not argue with your peers! Mr. Iwata wouldn’t want that…

Message to Vrutal members about Smash Ballot

Rejoice, rejoice that another person is extremely happy at that moment that his character has been chosen. After all, a player wins a game, but a community wins a war.