Method breaks with accused of harassment, but it’s too late

Famous in World of warcraft guild Method appeared at the center of the scandal. One of the main actors, MethodJosh or JoshPriest, has long been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. But it is only now that the team has announced a breakup with him.

At Method, we all take the well-being of minors very seriously, including their safety on the Internet. If you have evidence that someone inside Method or outside the organization is behaving inappropriately or breaking the law, we strongly recommend that you report it to the police and report it so that you be able to conduct a thorough and appropriate investigation.

The organization said it would immediately end all relations with MethodJosh. Meanwhile, Method’s second CEO, Sasha Steffens, went on unpaid administrative leave. His future fate will depend on the investigation by a third party.

Resource that Josh misbehaves with girls in chat rooms and makes obscene offers to minors is a resource Kotaku wrote in early 2019, and Tic banned his chain. Then the guild responded in the same way: let them file a statement with the police so that we can start acting. This commitment to the law has not won over the active community. The end of the cooperation with the organization was announced by many streamers, as well as by sponsors, including Msi and Corsair. Many professional players and entire teams have left Method.

Blizzard explained that the company has no formal relationship with Method and that it has no plans to continue its cooperation. The biggest information resources Fanbyte mediaand Wowhead announced that they are stopping further partnership negotiations with the organization.

For many years, Method was known as one of the most successful guilds in World of Warcraft, for its part – numerous records and victories in raid racing. Currently, it is a large electronic sports organization, although attempts to prove itself in other games have so far failed.

It is difficult to say whether the active audience will find the measures adopted by Method sufficient. However, guilds will in any case find it difficult to recover from such a shock. Reputation losses are definitely irreparable, and now they mean more than real achievements.

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