Metro Royale: PUBG Mobile will partner with Metro Exodus.

A partnership with Metro Exodus was revealed and the new game mode for PUBG Mobile that will come in the 1.1 update, which will reduce the size of the game on Android by 70%.

More details can be seen in the press release below.

São Paulo, November 11, 2020 – PUBG MOBILE has announced a collaboration with Metro Exodus, the latest entry in the acclaimed Metro series, a first-person shooter franchise published by Deep Silver, set in post-apocalyptic Russia. The update is available from today (11) through the 1.1 update for PUBG MOBILE.

Metro Royale: PUBG Mobile will partner with Metro Exodus

In the new game mode, Metro Royale, players explore new places on new maps, use new equipment and face new challenges. These are explorable landscapes in two maps based on the classic Erangel, including forgotten ruins, trenches, a bandit camp and more. A whole hidden underground world is also present, with a new rail vehicle and unique combat mechanisms.

Metro Royale mode also introduces new tactical equipment with which players can gain tactical and strategic advantages over enemies. They are: Thermal Vision, Night Visor and Goggles to track enemies in the dark; and a range of armor accessories that can further customize the gear’s abilities. New weaponry also includes grenade weapon attachments, heavy armor, and the unique Tikhar silent assault rifle used in the Metro series.

Metro Royale: PUBG Mobile will partner with Metro Exodus

In addition to new mechanics and map locations, the content update offers all-new challenges for players to earn valuable rewards. Bandits are added as enemies traverse the battlefield, which can be raided for loot. Mysterious mutants from the Metro series also threaten players from the shadows, offering high risks and high rewards. In Metro Royale mode, players need to arm themselves and enter the battlefield to defeat enemies and scavenge for supplies, as well as obtain loot, better equipment, escape and amass a fortune.

The Metro Royale lobby can be accessed via the Metro Tunnel entrance in the PUBG MOBILE main menu, and includes features such as:

Metro Royale: PUBG Mobile will partner with Metro Exodus
  • Black market – In this store, it is possible to buy and sell supplies and equipment, before entering matches. The Black Market offers exclusive Metro Royale weapons, mines, and more, all categorized into different quality levels.
  • cargo inventory – Players can configure custom loadouts to be used in battle, including equipment and ammo. Likewise, items collected in Metro Royale can be deposited in the game’s vault, being returned at the end of the match.
  • command post – At the Command Post, players can check Favorability with non-player characters (NPCs), read stories about NPCs, and give them gifts that increase Favorability. The higher the Favorability, the greater the chances of the player receiving resources from NPCs in matches.

In addition to the Metro Royale mode, there will also be Metro themed content in Classic Mode. Underground subway stations, title monsters, and a radiation zone will appear on the classic Erangel map. Aurora, which is being repaired, will appear on Spawn Island. Players can get around quickly using two of the 4 subway lines that will randomly appear in Erangel.

There are also several new features in classic mode, including melee weapons and spike traps. Additionally, players can now throw melee weapons at enemies within 40 meters to deal damage. These weapons are capable of knocking down players without a helmet, and can be picked up and used multiple times. Spike traps are expendable items that spawn in Classic Mode and can be used to puncture a vehicle’s tires without damaging it.

Metro Royale: PUBG Mobile will partner with Metro Exodus

In parallel to this, the update also brings a reduced client and, consequently, the necessary specifications for the game to work on Android devices. With a 70% reduction in size, from 4GB to 600MB, game performance will be optimized, especially on cell phones with lower settings, while maintaining the same experience adjusted to the convenience of players.

Players with more powerful devices will still have the option to play PUBG MOBILE at full capacity, with all visuals, by downloading extra in-game content.

The new lightweight installation function allows players to customize their own game, add or remove sections as per their preference. Based on resource management technology, the system sends cleaning suggestions or the most suitable updates for download. Overall performance is optimized with 10% lag reduction in a single match and smoother gameplay. Also, the difference between the 600MB and 300MB versions is the simplification and optimization of the lobby, with no changes to the game maps.

Metro Royale: PUBG Mobile will partner with Metro Exodus