Metroid Prime Trilogy has not been officially announced by Nintendo, but a store in Sweden says it is a rumor with a high probability of becoming a reality.

After Media Markt listed The Last Story 2 for the Nintendo Switch, it is now the Swedish inet’s turn to list Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is an apparent remaster trilogy that will arrive in February on the Nintendo Switch.

At least that’s what the store believes, which informs its customers that it’s just a rumor, but that it will probably be announced at the Game Awards and launched in February 2019.

Even the stores are joining the craze surrounding the Game Awards.

To find out if Nintendo has an announcement ready, we will have to wait until 1:30 on December 7th, in mainland Portugal, at 21:30 in Brasília.

Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch listed by Swedish store that still considers it a rumor