MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!.

We send a brave one to Madrid Games Week

Last Sunday the second edition of the Madrid Games Week, a convention where, as its name suggests, the world revolved around the theme that we all like the most: video game. For three days (four if you came accredited and you were from the “professional” environment) we were able to enjoy news, surprises and above all a lot, a lot of vice.

As we know that reading chronicles can be a tostonaco (we know it first hand because before we made them we read them) we have decided to try that instead of being all “this blablabla game”, “that other blablabla” you can also see how crazy it was for Our envoy to Madrid will cover this event and the experience it had because the truth is that we will inform you about the games in due course. Ready? Let us begin!

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

The games

The challenge was not easy. IFEMA Pavilion 8 presented more than 90 exhibitors and which one more interesting than the previous one. The zones were clearly differentiated. The Playstation Zone, Nintendo Zone and Xbox Zone were well signposted with their corresponding logos and corporate colors, super screens and spaces reserved for testing games. In all of them, very kind workers and with more patience than a saint did not tire of explaining the same thing over and over again (“Do not take the Master Sword out of the stone”, “Do not pull so much on the cable, you are going to load it “,” Let others try the game, eager “) and to help whoever needs some information.

Towards the end of the room there was a bit of everything, but we could say it was the PC Zone and the Indie Zone. You could also find programming master’s degree students presenting their games to us as surprising 2D graphic adventures or with an authentic military camp where you could play games. World of tanks (and they gave you a very cool bag and shirt, hoygan). We want to say from now on that we know that there were many more games than we will comment on, but it would be crazy to catch up with all of them, so we will leave you with those that have marked us the most.

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

The strongest bets of SonyBoth by montage and by influx were Bloodborne, Until Dawn and The Order 1886.

Bloodborne follow in the wake of what From Software He has already presented us with his saga Dark souls. Also, just looking at the movement of our character’s cape we could have stayed for hours. What a fall, what a power …
Until Dawn pleasantly surprised. Look at the game without hearing anything, but there was a fright of these shouting “MECAAAAAGÜEN …”.
The Order: 1886 It had its own room set in the game, and that really helps. It was only a few minutes of play, but certainly, this game promises a lot and will make more than one end up deciding if they still doubted whether the PS4 was a good investment. Graphically it is almost flawless, the cinematics and gameplay are very handy. The queue of almost two hours that our writer made ended up being worth it.

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

Thanks to the nice guy in the room who posed for the photo

For its part, the other Japanese giant, Nintendo, was not far behind either. From its giant screen we constantly saw visitors eagerly trying titles such as Super Smash Bros for Wii U or Mario Kart 8. Behind the screen, users could come to play Bayonetta 2 and we could see that all the good reviews are right, it is a great game. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Hyrule Warriors and Yoshi’s Woolly World were also there to try and we could see that Nintendo fans are still at the canyon.

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

The early risers could go to try from 10 to 12 the new bet of this company, Splatoon. Everything indicates that these squid will become one more in the Nintendo family because why lie, they are very cute and make you want to buy a stuffed animal shaped like a little character.

Xbox it had a slightly less concentrated stand than the other two. You could just as well play a game of FIFA on a giant screen as you could take a photo of being beheaded by a wonderful guillotine thanks to the hand of Arno, whom you could take a few meters further in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. As games we will highlight the Master Chief Collection of Halo because Halo is Halo, Ori and the Blind forest (is even prettier in person, believe us) and, of course, the icing on the cake, Sunset Overdrive. It’s crazy in color, weapons, attacks, enemies, speed, and gameplay that pleasantly surprised everyone (at least we got to talk to!). We anticipate you since when the game’s release date approaches, you will be able to read the interview that we were lucky enough to do with Brandon Wifrey, game developer, community manger and crack of life in general.

It’s not his best shot, but he knows what he’s doing

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

We didn’t have to go too far to try two of the games that received the most visitors. The first of them is the most recent installment of his saga, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it had a large room where you could get an idea of ​​what the future game will be like and to which when leaving they gave you an energy drink. Our editor thanked it like May water since there were still many games to try.

With the batteries fully recharged thanks to the Rockstar and powered by the bags of popcorn that the Grefusa girls gave her, it was her turn to Evolve. As we have already mentioned in previous news, Evolve is a cooperative play in which four hunters face a monster. So far nothing new, but here you can be the monster. You can set traps, hunt them, stalk … Without a doubt it is one of the most ambitious bets of the next-gen and it is really worth giving it a try even if you are not a fan of the genre.

Continuing with the route and with the heart in a fist of so much shrapnel and fire breath it was time to get closer to see what time was the next pass of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We had to wait a bit, but the wait was very enjoyable because we had (more or less) musical entertainment.

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

Their harmonious voices dazzled our hearts (okay, no)

Upon entering the The witcher (in which you could almost breed penguins because it was very cold) we found a kind of mini-movie theater. We couldn’t test the game itself, which was a shame, but we did see gameplay. Maybe because it is not the same to play it than to see others play or maybe because we were going with too high expectations, but we will have to wait to be able to play it ourselves before issuing a final verdict because we already know that living the experience in first class person always makes you live it much more.

Talk about all the games Indie Zone it would be crazy as well as terribly unfair because some are more than “indie” to begin with. Okay, they don’t come from large companies and you can’t go to your nearest store to buy them to put them on your Xbox, but they are full-blown games. Although it is true that some of them (especially some of final year master’s students) are mobile-type games, they should not be despised because the amount of work, hours, effort and dedication behind each action are incredible. We don’t want to get emotional or anything, but the Spanish scene really has a lot of potential, it is a sleeping giant that seems to be too lazy to wake up because “as we already have other people’s games …”.

Playstation also bet on indie with the Playstation Awards

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

To talk about the one we liked the most, we will comment on the case of Randal’s Monday, a 2D animation game with very cartoon drawings, very Family Guy, that clearly drinks from the most classic point-and-click that we all used to be young like Los Monkey Island or The Day of the Tentacle. Combining objects, choosing your words to get what you want … It brought back fond memories of the Lucasarts era when two pixels told you more than any intricate particle physics today. What are we going to do, we are nostalgic …

A small sample of the indie titles that we were able to test

Although it is still very far from big fairs such as Gamescom and we will not even talk about E3, it is clear that the panorama of Spanish video games he is very healthy and booming. Saturday’s tickets were sold out only with the pre-sale, there were many accredited press, bloggers, youtubers (some even had their own moment dedicated to the timing of the convention to be with their fans) and eager to demonstrate our passion for video games .

MGW2014 Special: IFEMA, missing people!

It begins to give us the impression that we are rolling more than necessary, but there is still much to tell. The nerves, the waiting, the occasional trip with a too short skirt (the combination of carpet + backpack + camera + hurry is not good), feeding ourselves on popcorn and loose bites of a squid sandwich that lasted three days, sleeping little and vitiate a lot. We leave a thousand things out but we invite you to spend next year (we do not gain anything with it and we tell you from the heart!) And if everything goes well we will be there too to share it with you.