Microsoft and Confindustria together for the digital development of SMEs.

Microsoft and Confindustria announce a partnership that leverages the synergy between Microsoft’s training and digital acceleration project Italy ambition and the network of Digital Innovation Hub established by Confindustria in the area in line with the Business Plan 4.0. Together, they aim to support the digital transformation of Italian companies, in particular SMEs who thus have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for digital transformation at the same time contributing to the growth of the country’s economic competitiveness.

What does the partnership involve?

Based on the needs identified in the area, Confindustria will be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Digital Innovation Hub by integrating the training proposals of Microsoft, which will make its own experts and e-learning platforms available for ad hoc training accompanying SMEs to discover new digital trends. SMEs will first be able to access the platforms Microsoft Learn and atAI Microsoft Business School, two consolidated training experiences that will allow you to customize your learning program by choosing courses based on your needs. Attendance will also allow participants to also obtain certifications which will be able to make them more competitive on the market. Furthermore, the possibility will be offered to participating SMEs to follow multiple courses on Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligencewhere they will be able, among other things, to acquire business notions but also practical skills on how to develop intelligent Bots and Apps to support growth.

“We are proud to team up with Confindustria and to enrich with this collaboration Ambizione Italia, our ecosystem project to accelerate the digital transformation in Italy, with which in one year we have already trained over 500,000 people, especially students and teachers to offer them a future of innovation. SMEs deserve a particular point of attention and for this reason we have created the Ambizione Italia project for SMEs, which capitalizes on Microsoft’s constant commitment to accompany small and medium-sized companies in the country towards innovation, focusing on training and knowledge sharing “, commented Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy. “The growth in turnover of companies that adopt AI technologies will be 2.8 percentage points higher than the average of companies in the sector and the impact of AI will amount to 570 billion euros in turnover by 2030*. The opportunities are therefore enormous and Italian SMEs cannot fall behind: they are leaders in Europe in terms of number of activities, turnover, added value and employees and must be accompanied in the discovery of new digital technologies with appropriate training tools and best practice sharing. The competitiveness of the entire country depends on this”.

Microsoft and Confindustria together for the digital development of SMEs

“The agreement with Microsoft – he said Giulio Pedrollo, vice president of Confindustria for industrial policy – represents an important element in the work that Confindustria carries out to facilitate the activity of the Digital Innovation Hubs, creating a network of entities that can offer skills and training to businesses. In fact, Confindustria’s DIHs carry out a widespread action on the territory to involve companies in awareness-raising activities, assessment of digital maturity and orientation towards the innovation ecosystem. In this ecosystem, Microsoft undoubtedly represents an important partner that can provide valid support to companies that want to undertake digitization paths of their production process”.