Microsoft and Razer could be collaborating on the development of the technology necessary for the Xbox One console to be able to support the simultaneous use of a keyboard and mouse, something that Microsoft has been saying for years that it would be done. However, the use of these peripherals would be unfair to the rest of the console gamers.

Microsoft has been promising for many years that the Xbox One console would support the use of keyboard and mouse. For so long, that most users had already given it up as impossible and thought that, in reality, this was nothing more than sweet words from the company to continue generating expectations with its games and its hardware. And it is clear that the arrival of support for these peripherals could change the entire landscape of use of this console.

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Especially in certain games like RTS (Real Time Strategy), where the use of the console controller is not as effective as the use of the other two peripherals. Or in FPS action games. It is clear that the arrival of these peripherals could encourage many PC users to also invest money in buying one of these consoles, so that they could enjoy certain games that can only be seen on the console, with no plans to go to the personal computers.

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The Xbox One console, with these peripherals, would become a serious rival for Sony’s PS4

Microsoft was already informing, at the beginning of the year, many of the main developers of games for the Xbox One, how the agreement they have reached with Razer would work. In principle, Razer would be in charge of bringing the support of its Razer Chroma RGB lighting. As you can see from the screenshots, during the presentation numerous precepts were also established that games should comply with so that they can support these peripherals.

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Perhaps most important would be the balancing aspect in multiplayer games. In principle, games should be able to ask the console what type of control the user is using, whether keyboard / mouse or controller. And, in this way, bring together all the users who used the same type of control in the same games, so that there were no situations of advantage or disadvantage between them.

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Curiously, in the case of these peripherals, the consoles will only support a keyboard and a mouse, unlike the controls, of which the console is capable of supporting up to 4 of them simultaneously.