Microsoft buys Minecraft for $ 2.5 billion.

It had been rumored for too long and it has finally been confirmed. Microsoft has announced the purchase of the Mojang studio and its game Minecraft, one of the most successful indie games, as it has a base of more than 100 million users. Finally the purchase has ended up being made official by 2.5 billion dollars.

Microsoft has wanted to calm the spirits of all those who may think that the game is going to load. The company has ensured that they will maintain the free spirit of the game, encouraging the creation of content by users and ensuring that the game will continue to be available on other platforms such as iOS, Android or the consoles PlayStation. Version of Vita still running and has not been confirmed. We suppose that in case of launching a second part of the game, in the future, we would already see the exclusive game.

Mojang, for its part has announced that the founders of the study are leaving the company, including Notch Persson:

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $ 2.5 billion

“Notch has decided that he does not want to take responsibility for such a significant global company. For the past few years he has tried to work on smaller projects, but the pressure of owning Minecraft became too heavy for him. The only option It was selling Mojang. He will continue to do cool things, don’t worry about it. “

For its part, Notch He has made some declarations that are not wasted, explaining the reasons that led him to make this decision, they are a bit long but we encourage you to read them:

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $ 2.5 billion

“I don’t see myself as a real game developer. I make games because it’s fun and because I love video games and I love programming, but I don’t make games with the intention of them becoming big hits, and I’m not trying to change the world. Minecraft became a huge hit and people tell me it has changed the games. I never intended it. It’s flattering, and being gradually pushed into a kind of public attention is interesting.

Relatively some time ago, I decided to disassociate myself from Minecraft development. Jens was the perfect person to take over his leadership and I wanted to try new things. At first I failed to try to do something big again, but since then I have decided to stick with small prototypes and interesting challenges, I have had a great time with the work. I wasn’t really sure how I fit into Mojang where people really work, but since people said I was important to the culture, I stayed.

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $ 2.5 billion

A couple of weeks ago I was at home with a bad cold when the Internet exploded with hatred against me for something related to the EULA with which I had nothing to do. I was confused. I didn’t understand it. I tweeted this frustrated. Later I watched the This is Phil Fish video on YouTube and started to realize that I didn’t have the connection to my fans that I thought I had. I have become a symbol. I don’t want to be a symbol, responsible for something huge that I don’t understand, that I don’t want to work on, that always comes back to me. I am not an entrepreneur. I am not a CEO. I am a programmer who likes opinions on Twitter.

As soon as this agreement is finalized I will leave Mojang and will do Ludum Dares and small experiments on the web again. If I accidentally do something that seems to gain traction I will probably abandon it immediately.

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $ 2.5 billion

Considering that my public image is already distorted I do not hope to get rid of the negative comments with this, but at least I will not feel the responsibility of having to read them.

I am aware that this goes against what I have said in public. I don’t have a good answer for it. I am also aware that many of you were using me as a symbol of some kind of struggle. I’m not. I am a person and I am here fighting with you.

I love you. To all of you. Thanks for making Minecraft what it is, but there are too many of you and I can’t be responsible for something so great. Somehow this now belongs to Microsoft. In a larger sense this has always belonged to you and that will never change.

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $ 2.5 billion

This has nothing to do with money. This has to do with my sanity. “