Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”.

There has been a new twist in the conflict between Epic Games and Apple over the App Store. Microsoft has decided to support Epic Games in his petition to stop the cancellation of his Apple developer account, by issuing a motion of support to the court. In a parallel move, Apple has appealed to the judge that dismiss that petition that would stop the expulsion of Epic Games from the App Store. And it does so with several arguments, including that Epic Games is solely responsible for its actions.

Unreal Engine, at the center of Microsoft’s support

The move by Epic Games to pressure Apple to open your App Store to other stores within it or from outside the block devices was counteracted by the severity of Cupertino. Epic Games sued Apple to force it open and take control of the store that serves third-party software to the iPhone and iPad. It is not so much a fight for the commission charged by the App Store as for its control.

Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”

In this sense, Apple has decided to face the challenge of Epic Games by expelling Fortnite from the App Store. And in addition, given the serious violations of the agreement between developers and Apple, has announced the closure of your account next August 28. Which would also involve the impossibility of using Apple tools in its products, also affecting the well-known Unreal Engine. This technology is used in many current and developing games on Apple platforms, which is why Microsoft has decided to support Epic Games in court:

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is a critical technology for many game creators, including Microsoft.

Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”

Thus began the statement of Kevin Gammill, head of Game Experience Development at Microsoft. Next, Gammill lists what is a game engine, the technology involved, how it is used and why the technology developed by Epic Games is relevant. According to his statement:

Denying Epic access to the SDK and other development tools will prevent Epic from supporting the Unreal Engine on iOS and macOS, putting the Unreal Engine and those game creators who have built and build games on it at a substantial disadvantage.

Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”

The implications of the cancellation of the Epic Games developer account are clear. Unreal Engine is used by numerous games on the App Store that would be affected by this ban. Apple, meanwhile, He has also answered in court to the allegations of Epic Games.

Apple responds: “Epic Games knew very well what it was doing”

Specifically, on June 30, 2020, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney wrote an email to my colleagues and me requesting a special letter from Apple that would create an Epic-only deal that would fundamentally change the way Epic offers apps on the platform. Apple iOS.

Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”

In this email, Mr. Sweeney expressly acknowledged that these proposed changes would be a direct breach of multiple terms of the agreement between Epic and Apple. Mr. Sweeney acknowledged that Epic would not implement his proposal unless the agreement between Epic and Apple was modified.

These are statements by Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow and manager of the App Store, collected by TechCrunch. As part of that premeditation of Epic Games and wielded by Apple, those of Cupertino affirmed in their motion to dismiss the petition that:

At around 2 pm on August 13, Epic’s Mr. Sweeney wrote to Apple stating his intention to break Epic’s agreements: “Epic is no longer going to adhere to Apple’s payment processing restrictions.”

Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, recently went so far as to state that they were not looking for a special deal on the App Store for their company. A statement that contradicts the account made by Phil Schiller

With this, Apple intends to make the court see that it is the actions of Epic Games that have caused Cupertino’s answer. Furthermore, it states that:

Any alleged damage for which Epic improperly seeks to request an emergency override It could disappear tomorrow if Epic fixed their breakup . Apple has offered Epic the opportunity to fix it, reverting to the status quo before Epic installed its “hotfix” that created its own problem and being welcomed back to the App Store. All of this can happen without court intervention or the expense of judicial resources. And Epic would be free to pursue its initial lawsuit.

Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”

Apple states that Epic Games “does not want to remedy the damage for which it requests immediate help because it has a different objective”. According to Apple, Epic Games seeks “a free trip in innovation, intellectual property and users” generated by the App Store.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo “would also be monopolies”

In Apple’s response to the request to stop the expulsion of Epic Games, a section draws attention in which the company defends itself against the monopoly charge on the App Store. Specifically, it states the following:

  • That the App Store “has increased the number of apps, reduced the price and significantly increased the options” for the consumer. A monopoly is characterized by having the power to raise the price of a good, since it is the only alternative that offers it.
  • Epic Games does not provide an in-depth investigation into its arguments, stating that it “has not provided the testimony of any economist” to support its arguments.
  • “It ignores that Epic Games games can be played on numerous platforms”, with or without the support of Apple, something that the developer itself has even promoted. A point that contradicts the exclusivity that a monopoly is assumed to be.

Fortnite is not an exclusive game on the App Store, but can be played on other platforms. Something that makes it difficult to fit into the concept of “monopoly”

And finally, Apple says that Epic Games’ claims “would make companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo monopolies.” A point that we made last week in SamaGame when talking about Epic Games’ relationship with Sony and Microsoft, with whom you have various commercial agreements and who you have decided not to sue.

Microsoft comes to Epic Games’ rescue, while Apple claims damage is being “self-inflicted”

Apple ends its presentation by stating that Epic Games has orchestrated a campaign to twist Apple’s arm. With the intention of enjoy all the rights of the App Store without any of your obligations. Some of them, “critical for the security, protection and privacy” of the user.