The new Xbox are just around the corner. Tomorrow via 22, the North American giant will open the pre-purchase period for its new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which should hit the market on November 10. And as a companion for the new releases, Microsoft has launched the renewal of your Android app, the Xbox App.

The new Xbox App is currently in beta but Microsoft itself has advanced some of its improvements through the platform’s official blog for the United States. Among them, the management of the update configuration and the console itself, access to captures and, of course, remote play from the app. But this time, for everyone.

Play remotely and have your friends very close

Microsoft says that the new Xbox App is not an update of the previous version of the application but rather it has been written from scratch. It now allows “your friends and colleagues to be with you through voice and text chats, regardless of whether they are on the console or PC.” A good reminder that the Xbox ecosystem is broader than that exclusively dedicated to desktop consoles.

With the new Xbox App we can also play our remote games thanks to the new ‘Xbox Remote Play’, a functionality that until now was known as ‘Xbox Console Streaming’ and that abandons its prerequisites. We will no longer have to be Microsoft’s ‘Insiders’ to be able to use the functionality, it will now be open to all without limitations.

With the Xbox app you will take the community and your contacts with you

Taking advantage of the possibilities of always carrying the app in your pocket, Microsoft provides its Xbox App with real-time notifications of the updates and activities of our contacts. Now we know when they talk to us, when multiplayer games start and when we win friends or followers. Xbox App will also notify us when screenshots of our games are ready to share, once they are in the Xbox cloud.

With the Xbox App we can also chat with our contacts, either through text or voice chatsregardless of whether they are on the console, on the PC or on another mobile phone. From the app you will also have an experience similar to that of the ‘Share’ button on the Xbox controller, making the experience more social than ever.

Configure the console from mobile

Microsoft completely renews its Xbox app for Android, now with remote play for everyone and more news

Other features included in the Xbox App have to do with control over the console itself, whether it be a Series S or a Series X. From the mobile we can configure it, order updates for them and install games directly from the cloud, so that when we sit in front of her everything is ready to play.

Microsoft’s Xbox App is now ready to download, although it is currently in beta, so some improvements may still be in the implementation phase. The app should be fully operational by the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10. Remember that the Xbox App is a free application for Android.

Microsoft completely renews its Xbox app for Android, now with remote play for everyone and more news

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