Microsoft has officially denied a rumor that Xbox Scarlett, its next-generation console, will have a camera thinking about people who want to broadcast live to platforms like Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Gaming.

The rumor was launched by Gizmodo, based on information it received from an anonymous source. The source claimed to know a lot of information about the next generation consoles, including the PS5, and showed a low quality photograph (with only 238 x 144 pixels) of a device similar to the one that appeared in one of Sony’s patents.

One of the information that this source revealed is that both consoles would have cameras, an addition thinking about streamers. Currently, platforms like Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Gaming are highly popular, which would explain this addition.

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After the rumor was published, Gizmodo received a statement from a Microsoft representative, denying that Xbox Scarlett will have a camera. As this information is not true, the remaining details revealed by the source are at stake.

It is worth remembering that the Xbox One was launched with a camera – the Kinect. The inclusion of this device in the Xbox One starter pack made the console more expensive compared to its direct competitor, PS4, hurting Microsoft early in the generation.