Jorg Neumann talks about the Xbox Series X | S versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator, coming this summer.

One of the great video games of 2020 was Microsoft Flight Simulator, a careful flight simulator from Asobo Studios which was launched exclusively for PC, leaving players speechless due to its fidelity to reality and its enormous technical section.

There are some doubts about how Microsoft Flight Simulator will work on Xbox Series X | S, but Jorg Neumann, Asobo CEO, ensures that the console versions will keep up with the PC version, and that it will have more intuitive tutorials to get hold of the controls and functions.

While we wait whether or not the Xbox One version is confirmed, the guys at Asobo talked about how they brought Flight Simulator technical expertise to the Xbox Series X | S hardware, in an interview with Twinfinite.

” Depending on the Xbox you have bought, it will be like having a PC with different video cards, but adjustments can be made. It will look great. It will work great and also has cross game, which is good, so it can be played on Xbox and with its saves in the cloud transfer them to your PC and continue playing, ” explained Jorg Neumann.

Apart from the fact that the versions of Xbox Series X | S keep the graphic level (although in Series S it will logically be inferior to Series X or certain high-end PCs), its creators have also promised more tutorials and more intuitive for players to get hold of the controls, due to their complexity.

” We will never simplify the simulator, but there are some parts of accessibility that we can do better. We looked at the tutorials quite a bit. A lot of people play them and they are quite accessible, but we can probably do a better job there so make it even less difficult for a newcomer, give them little things so that they really learn. ”

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It is appreciated that Asobo improve these tutorialsAs Microsoft Flight Simulator is a dense and very comprehensive game, newcomers may be overwhelmed by so many options. In addition, of course, adapt controller to Xbox Series X | S controller.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S next summer, with the free content which have been released month by month in the PC version. Meanwhile, Asobo is not ruling out a release on Xbox One, but for later.

Source: Twinfinite