There is huge confusion around the early board games from Microsoft. To put you back, Phil Spencer himself said a long time ago that The Xbox Series X wasn’t going to have any exclusive games in its early years. All of their titles will also be playable on Xbox One, as the company doesn’t want anyone left behind.

So far so good, but yesterday’s event added a little more doubt. Most of the games shown have indicated that they can be played on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. Halo Infinite is one of them, for example. However, in others like Everwild or the New Fable only the Xbox Series X and PC signs appeared. Nothing one.

Xbox Series X has entered production, confirmed by Microsoft's French division

You would think that these titles they still have enough time in the oven and that they will come out after this first intergenerational period that they had promised. But on the other hand, Everwild specifically, it was announced in November for Xbox One. What happened here?

Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for Xbox, explained the situation a bit on Twitter, although the truth is that it doesn’t clarify much either.

Future Part One titles are in development for the Xbox Series X. I’m not saying these games won’t be releasing on Xbox One, but that we’re prioritizing Series X and that each studio will decide what is. best for their game / community when they launch.

In other words, it looks like they’ll be exclusive to the X and PC series, unless the studios decide to release them on Xbox One as well as far as possible.

No one is clearing up

Stephen Totilo, reporter for Kotaku, posted on Twitter that the official Avowed website had listed him for One, Series X and PC, while Microsoft’s website only listed it for these last two. Even with Everwild, which was on Microsoft’s official list for all three platforms, although the trailer indicated that this was only for the X series and PC.

Although what Declared has already been corrected, the Spanish site of Everwild It goes even further and indicates that it will only be released on Xbox One and PC. Guess it’s been like this since your ad and I still need to update it. Mistake like any other, but it seems even Microsoft can’t clarify all of this.

The best explanation we have so far is Greenberg’s, so we stayed with her. They’re being developed primarily for Xbox Series X and PC at the moment, but One isn’t left out of the equation.

Source : Gadgetsnow