Microsoft surpasses Apple as the most valuable company in the world.

A new week ends, this time we bring you news about the stock market and the brand of the bitten apple and it has been confirmed that at the time of this post Microsoft surpasses Apple as the most valuable technology company in the world, and We will tell you about it below. As you have read, Microsoft surpasses Apple in terms of value, this has happened after the fall in Apple shares after the gains it has had with its products, and although Apple shares ( AAPL) had a meteoric rise in the last two years, the truth is that they have momentarily fallen.

In this way, the apple brand, despite rising in its shares, surpassing the market capitalization of 2 trillion dollars in just one year and after becoming the first public company to reach 1 trillion dollars, is currently a slightly below its biggest rival Microsoft. It is worth mentioning that, after the pandemic, other large technological actions have been catching up, and the end of the economic crisis is already being felt, apparently in the values ​​they present these companies on the stock market.

As of today, Microsoft surpasses Apple as the world’s most valuable public company, reaching a market capitalization of approximately $2.45 trillion, this came as Apple shares fell in response to its quarterly earnings results, in which its finances were weaker than expected, all this due to problems in the supply chain.

Microsoft surpasses Apple as the most valuable company in the world

Microsoft overtakes Apple as the world’s most valuable public company, after Apple shares plunge after earnings

For its part, Apple last night reported revenue of about $83 billion, which was a slight miss compared to investor expectations, and Tim Cook said Apple’s top-line revenue was hit by as much as 6 billion dollars confirming that this was the result of the lack of supply of products. Also, the company warned that the problems presented in the supply chain would also be affecting its results in the current quarter, and that is that as a result of weaker numbers, Apple shares are down about 4% in the open market today.

Overall, however, the company is doing well, reporting revenue growth across all business segments and quarterly earnings of approximately $20.5 billion, which is a good number for the brand of the bitten apple. On the other hand, the value of Microsoft shares continues to rise as the company reports increasing revenue from its cloud services businesses.

Microsoft surpasses Apple as the most valuable company in the world

It is necessary to mention that, unlike Apple, Microsoft’s main line of business is not affected by supply chain problems, and, on the contrary, in a world that increasingly turns to streaming and storage services In the cloud, Microsoft would have a safe bet. In any case, both companies generate a competition in which the users will always be the winner, with increasingly larger products and services and of course better in every way, making both brands coexist in the same home of the user.

Finally, in the case of Apple, although it has ceded some ground to Microsoft for now, it would not be surprising when they announce profits thanks to their new products, one of these that can play an interesting role is the new MacBook Pro, which will be It is becoming a star product and despite its price, it is being a very attractive product for the user.

Microsoft surpasses Apple as the most valuable company in the world