Microsoft’s new controller for disabled people.

Yesterday we showed you a curious peripheral for the Xbox One that seemed to suggest that Microsoft was preparing a command to allow greater accessibility to the console. The company reacted quickly after the leak, and today officially announced the new Xbox Adaptive Controller for people with limited mobility.

The idea behind this new controller is that the common controls are made for people without any type of disability, so they have decided to design another one for people who do. It will consist of a central control and a series of adapted peripherals that will be connected through a series of 3.5-millimeter sockets and USB ports.

Microsoft’s new controller for disabled people

This is the new Xbox Adaptive Controller

The main command or control center of this entire accessibility system is the Xbox Adaptive Controller that was leaked two days ago. Its composed of two big main buttons occupying almost its entire surface, with a directional pad on the left along with other control keys that we also find on normal controls.

As we see in this presentation video, Microsoft will also market a series of peripherals designed to help people with different types of limitations. Players will be able to connect the peripherals you want and combine them to configure a control system that suits your needs.

Microsoft’s new controller for disabled people

As we said at the beginning, At the top of the central knob there will be a series of connectors, each of them related to a main function of the command. These connectors are where the rest of the peripherals will be connected, being able to use them to use the different buttons that make up a conventional remote control. On the upper left side there will be a USB to connect a joystick in case you prefer as an alternative to the directional pad.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller base will be ready for join different kind of mounts, so that there are several configurations that adapt to each user to be able to have it. They will have longer or shorter arms, flexible, or with fixed bases or clips to be able to hold onto a wheelchair or similar.

Microsoft’s new controller for disabled people

Finally, and although the connectors will be prepared as we have seen to connect devices dedicated to each button, the Xbox One will also include an app to remap your settings and decide what function each key does regardless of the slot you plugged it into. In case there are problems, the Xbox adaptive controller will also allow you to configure a conventional controller to assist with any task.

Will be available at the end of the year

At the moment Microsoft has not yet revealed the final price that this device will have, nor that of its peripherals. What they have done is launch an official website that they will expand with information about the peripheral, and in which they indicate that The Xbox Adaptive Controller will be available in late 2018. The peripherals will be sold separately, but the logical thing would be that they were launched on the same date to be able to configure the command.

Microsoft’s new controller for disabled people

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