Minecraft 20w45a – the test of new products from Caves & Cliffs Update has started.

The announcement of a massive Minecraft update has awakened the already rich imagination of the community around this popular sandbox. Of course, they will have to wait a long time for the release of the update, but in the meantime, they will have access to some of its content. After recent debut Mojang goat studio shared the so-called Snapshot 20w45a that allows you to check some of the attractions of the update Caves & Cliffs holders Minecraft in version Java Edition. To do this, after starting the game client, go to the “Installations” section and then turn on the snapshots. NOTE: before activating this function, back up your world or run sessions with a snapshot from a separate folder – test versions can permanently break your creations.

True to its name, Caves & Cliffs will introduce a lot of news related to caves, cliffs and rocks as such. This can already be seen in the 20w45a snapshot, which added two resources: amethyst and bronze. Apart from aesthetic considerations, both raw materials can be used to create new items: lightning rod, tinted glass and a telescope. Bronze is also subject to four stages of oxidation, with the possibility of stopping the process to maintain the color of interest to us.

Blocks, clusters, and other forms of amethyst found their way to Minecraft as part of testing.

Minecraft 20w45a – the test of new products from Caves & Cliffs Update has started

These are not the only news. The game also features candles in 16 colors (plus one colorless) and sets (Bundles) in which we can store other items. There are also changes loosely related to the theme of the upcoming update. The boilers can finally be filled with lava, and the mining carts can drive through the water (albeit not without losing speed). In addition, the creators included a lot of fixes and improvements. One of these concerns the Experience Orbs: when there are many of them, the balls may start to aggregate into larger clusters to prevent performance drops.

Of course, this is just a taste of what we will get with the debut of Caves & Cliffs Update. The update will introduce many more types of blocks, plus new mobs, schematics and a lot of other innovations and improvements. Nevertheless, even this modest sample gives a lot of room for players to show off. Not that they have so far lacked creativity – as evidenced by numerous creations fans conquering Reddit – but they will surely appreciate (and quickly use) the news from the 20w45a snapshot. For the full version of the update Caves & Cliffs will wait at least until mid-2021.

Minecraft 20w45a – the test of new products from Caves & Cliffs Update has started
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