The beta version of the Better Together update for Minecraft is now available on Windows 10 and Android.

Better Together will allow cross-play between platforms, sharing maps and playing between communities of different versions of the game.

This beta will arrive ‘in the coming days’ on Xbox One (in its digital version only), but Switch will not have a beta (although the definitive update will). The one that will not have this update is the version of Playstation consoles due to Sony’s own refusal.

Microsoft assures that it continues in conversations with Sony so that it allows this update. The Redmond company has incorporated more parental filters so that the protection of minors is not the reason that the update does not reach Sony consoles.

here is the FAQ

  • To access the beta in Windows 10 you have to access the Store, search for the app ‘Xbox Insider Center’ and install it, access ‘Insider Content’, search for Minecraft Beta and click ‘Join’.
  • To access the beta on Android you must have the game purchased in the Google Play Store, go to this link and click on ‘Become a Tester’; you will receive a game update soon. If you want to stop being the beta, you must access the same link and click on ‘Quit the program’, uninstall the app and reinstall it when the standard version appears again in the Store.

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