Each of us is very familiar with Minecraft, a game about building blocks. In the sense of building. Its current price is PLN 100, but you can buy it much cheaper, and it’s all legal.

Minecraft for PLN 5 probably sounds like a How2Troll level joke or like the text you can read on websites that promise a game for sending an SMS.

However, it is true and everything is completely legal. On Kinguin.net, we can buy Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition for less than PLN 5. If you want to leave now, because this is the Windows 10 version, then give me a moment to explain. Let’s start with the fact that the price of the game in the Windows Store is PLN 110, so we will save quite a lot of money that we can spend on skins for LoL.

You can buy the game by clicking here.

The second argument worth mentioning is the fact that soon the version for Windows 10 and all other (not counting those for PlayStation consoles) versions of the game that were not originally written in Java will officially become the basic versions of Minecraft. This means that instead of “Minecraft: 10 Edition” or “Minecraft: Android Edition” or “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition”, we will only be able to read “Minecraft”. In addition, all these versions will offer cross-play with each other, so when playing on Nintendo Switch, we will be able to join our friend on a computer or mobile device or playing on another console (not including Playstation consoles). The second version of the game can be considered the original Minecraft for Java. Its name will soon change to “Minecraft: Java Edition”. This version will still be supported by the developers, but it will not offer the previously mentioned cross-play between different platforms.

So this is a great opportunity to get a version of the game that will soon become the base game. In addition, we buy it for pennies that we can even have from the rest from the last purchases we made.

Buying on Kinguin is trivial, so let me skip the instructions on how to buy the game on this site, but I will write how to activate the code for Minecraft in the Windows Store.

After receiving our Minecraft code, we go to the Windows Store. In the “Search” field, enter and click on the game that popped up for us. While on the production page, click “Use code” and enter the code we purchased. Finally, download the game and voila! We have our Minecraft.

Will you be tempted by the offer on Kinguin? Maybe you already have this version of the game? Let me know in the comments.